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  1. OK, you have a point, it was an unfair analogy. But there are always concessions to the fact that it IS a sim, not a real plane. Being rude make you feel better? Didn't win a happy customer for Aerosoft though, did it.
  2. That's an unacceptable excuse, you put the GPS and radios in the unit. That's like going to buy some modern update to an old car that puts a new transmission in it, but then when asked where the gearshift is you get told that you have to go open the front hood and find some magic buttons to switch gears!!! All you have to do is put the equivalent of a 'KingAir' autopiliot panel in the thing, there is even room on the panel on top of the GPS unit itself. I do not understand why this was not done. Regards, Jack
  3. I've only just purchased the Catalina, after reading over a 100 pages of manual I still could not figure out the basics (talk about TMI). Someone then informed me that there IS no autopilot interface and you just have to use the FSX defined keys??? Is this true? Why? Is there a VC modification somewhere to remedy this? Thank you, Jack
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