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  1. Hi Bufford, Did you get the payment confirmation mail from saferpay? I think there is an aerosoft email adress mentioned in there. You should write aerosoft at that adress and explain your problem, giving your account, order and payment details. Had a similar problem once, and they sorted it out pretty quickly - I would not expect them to be working on weekends, though. Just out of curiosity, did you perhaps use the new Internet Explorer 8 when placing your order? Because I did when my problem occured. Best regards, Andreas
  2. Hi timc, I also had some problems to get the prop to stop spinning, even after performing all the steps mentioned by Finn. I found two possible solutions: 1) After following Finns procedure, pull back hard on the yoke, reducing the airspeed as close to stall speed as possible... et viola, the prop stopped. Pretty unrealistic, though, I assume. 2) The trick is to pull the prop lever further back than the 0% possible when using the prop lever in the VC. After following all of Finns steps and pulling the prop lever of the dead engine back to 0% in the VC, I then select the engine to feather by pressing "E, then engine number" followed by one or more presses of "CTRL+F2" to get the prop pitch below 0% - prop stops. Try these and tell me if it works for you as well Best regards, Andreas
  3. Hi Steve, Strange indeed... well, you don't need the files from 5/18 imho... the ones found here in this thread from 5/19, named comox101.zip should be sufficient. (The things you are describing are the same ones I encountered before applying the files from comox101.zip) Are you sure those were the last ones you copied into the mission folder? Because for me (Vista, FSX SP2) this solved the issue. If that is the case and you still have the issue, you will have to wait and see what Leonard has to say about that... EDIT: Just realized you were probably referring to the dates of the two files INSIDE comox101.zip... sorry, in this case unfortunately I have no further idea apart from waiting for Leonard's reply... Best regards Andreas
  4. Heureka! I think you were spot on this time - the mission loads like a charm! I have radio contact with Comox tower - now all I have to do is get these engines up and running in a halfway decent timeframe Everything seems fine so far - thank you very much for your time and patience in figuring this one out, Leonard Best regards, Andreas
  5. Hi Leonard, Well, I don't mind testing out all the different mission files that are necessary to solve this riddle... so in case you want to try out some more things, just upload away! Just an idea though - I assume the PBY Comox mission is (at least to some degree) derived from the Beaver Comox mission? If that's the case, why not start with checking all the things that are different between these two mission, because the Beaver Comox mission works fine on my system - just successfully flew it half an hour ago. That is assuming the PBY mission was not completely redesigned from scratch and there are not too many differences. Just my two cents, though... Regards, Andreas PS: Just saw your new file... will test it at once and report back..
  6. Hi Leonard, Well, I tried the Aerosoft update to v1.10, as well as the latest version of your comox.zip file - unfortunately neither did solve the problem. I also tried switching my regional settings to "English (USA)" in both cases, but it didn't make any difference as well. Best regards, Andreas
  7. Hi Leonard, I tested this new version, but alas - still no joy. Same symptoms as before. Very strange If by unicode you refer to the general regional setting of Windows - this is set to "German (Germany)". If this is not what you are referring to, please explain where to find the information you need. Regards, Andreas Just fyi, something I find a bit strange, the Comox mission in the Beaver mission pack is running fine - as well as all the other missions in the pack (and all those from Twin Otter mission pack as well as Flight Tales I). Is there such a big difference between the Beaver Comox mission and that for the PBY?
  8. Hi Leonard, I am running a German FSX version that calls itself "Professional Edition" and has, among other stuff, some extra aircraft - I assume this is identical with the "Deluxe Edition". More information on the available aircraft can be found here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?...ult_Types_(FSX) What do you mean by regional setting? The setting made in Windows, or the selection of units inside FS? The latter I always have set to "US system - feet/inches" Best regards Andreas
  9. Hi, I can confirm Gilles' observations - the mission is still not loading in my FSX SP2 installation. Specifically, I renamed the old spb file and copied the new version into the folder, but I do not see any difference in behaviour. Regards, Andreas
  10. Hello Thorsten Oh, that sounds even better I have no problem to wait as long as it takes, as the missions were not a major issue for me - nice to have though, as I love flying "with a purpose". Initially I was worried that something might be actually wrong with my installation, but now that it seems to be confirmed that it is just another of those pesky version problems in FSX, I can easily live with it for the time being. Keep up the good work! Regards Andreas
  11. Hello guys, there seems to be some progress in fixing the issue - just look here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?s=...st&p=159387 Finally a ray of hope for us poor SP2 pilots Regards, Andreas
  12. Hello Thorsten, I am happy to hear that Any estimate when this fix will be out, so I know when to come back to look for it? Regards, Andreas
  13. Hello again, I just tested the mission on a different computer with fresh Win7 (32bit) install. Installed FSX (Professional), then SP1 and SP2 and finally the Catalina. FSX runs with admin privileges. But still the mission does not load correctly, just as before. Unfortunately I don't have the acceleration pack, so I can't check out if installing it would indeed solve this issue. But as Bumprock already mentioned, we both have the same issue with some of the missions that come with the BushHawkXP addon - and in the thread discussing the problem (http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=24925), another user reported fixing it by installing the acceleration pack. So I think you might be on to something here, Gilles Regards, Andreas
  14. Hello FlameOut! Out of curiosity - may I ask what version of the FSX you are running? Especially SP1, SP2 or maybe Acceleration Pack? Regards Andreas
  15. Hi, I just tried to fly the mission supplied with the Catalina add-on, but I got a problem. The briefing before loading the mission shows up just fine, but after I press the "Fly!" button and the loading has finished, the aircraft just sits there in the water - no co-pilot, no information what to do (not even in the keepad). I even started the engines and flew around a bit on my own, but nothing seems to happen. Additionally, when I press ESC, I get the normal, small "free-flight" abort screen, not the mission abort screen I would expect. So to me it seems the mission did not load at all I am running FSX with SP2 (no acceleration pack) on Vista Home (32bit), logged on with an administrator account and running FSX with administrator privileges. Best regards Andreas
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