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  1. Oh no, many days and not even one guess! Is it too difficult..? Here's a hint: we're in Eurasia this time and the airport has two runways...
  2. Sweet - I'll find something to post tonight or tomorrow...
  3. How about this as my guess: You're flying over Burrows Island, ahead is Allan Island and the nearest airport that is in the AS store would be Anacortes..?
  4. Correct - your turn! Darn, guess that was too easy huh!? Geoff
  5. Yes! Wow, that one was tough... I'll hunt something out to post... Geoff
  6. This is a really tough one! Best guess for now: Niederrhein-Weeze?
  7. Somewhere over the Great Barrier Reef? Since it has to be in the Aerosoft shop I'll have a stab at FTX Cairns Intl. YBCS as the nearest airport..? PS. The screenshot (especially the water) is stunning! Geoff
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