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  1. I installed the EKCH update with the latest AES, I did have to re-sync in order to get the airbridges to appear. I found it to work almost but not quite perfectly... Everything was fine until I requested a follow-me car from 22L B4 to the assigned gate Alpha23. The car took a 'reasonable' (if not quite right) route on B and C as far as runway 12/30 but then went off along taxiway F2 instead of the expected A, Z, L and J - taking me to a stand on the 'Apron West' instead of Alpha23...! Any idea what is going on with that? Geoff
  2. As far as I can tell, the problem is that AES does not currently take into account the running status of more than one engine... If I am correct, then the "wait for my hand signal on the left (right) hand side" message is played when the pushback animation is completed (if applicable) and at least one engine is running. Since there is likely to be a provision for more detail in the aircraft setup on some later version (this is at least hinted at in some posts) then perhaps we will be able to specify a number of engines or a 'startup delay' time? In the current situation, at least when th
  3. Regarding the new Catering Truck animation. I'm sure you already thought of this, but would it be possible to add some more 'interaction' with the crew in future updates. For example: When the loading animation is about to begin, we hear the 'knocking on the door' sound like when the gate is in position, so that the pilot knows to open the catering door (if available - the animation would just start then either way). When the catering is done, there can be an announcement that it is finished? Just an idea. Geoff
  4. Cleaning and waste service vehicles do not appear when no rear door is defined... Is there any possibility to have these appear even when there is no rear door? The trucks could go to the same places, even if in reality the cleaning staff then enter via the front (stairs or gate etc)... Geoff
  5. Ok, this now fixed it! Thanks very much Geoff
  6. Hi, Thanks for the fix - the sound issue is solved and I now hear the expected messages. However, when I have more than one FS window open the catering operator still runs back and forth like a madman so that issue is not fixed. (The speed seems to scale with the number of windows so with 10 it was really funny!). Thanks, Geoff
  7. I found an interesting point related to the speed of the animation... I guess you know this happens, but I just realised the reason I was getting fast animations was that I had more than one active view window! With more view windows open, I see the animations run too fast. With only one active view, the speed looks good (although he still bangs his head on the door). All good, but I guess this will be a problem for those who set up their FS over many screens..? Geoff
  8. -- Sorry / got a duplicate post for some reason! -- Geoff
  9. Looking really nice now. I like the drivers in the pushback tractor and the catering truck - are we going to see drivers in the other vehicles too? That would be really neat. I found a few issues I thought I'd mention: -> On arrival I do not hear the expected "welcome, blocks in position" message when I arrive from a non-AES airport (that might be a coincidence). I hear all the pushback and startup messages just fine. Is there still some problem with the sound module? -> The catering truck operator moves far too fast! I think it is because the ramp agent keeps looking at his watch
  10. Simply wonderful! Thanks very much for all the hard work Oliver! Just because I am greedy, and always wanting more, I had a couple of questions / ideas : - Will the catering trucks and other vehicles start to have any airport-specific liveries? If not, perhaps a future development to have a GUI to assign different vehicle liveries to different airports? - With the baggage / cargo? loaders, could we also see some other vehicles to bring the baggage to the aircraft - a truck or several small trolleys with a tractor to pull up during boarding / deboarding? - Someone said it above but
  11. Fair enough. I though that it should be possible to 'work backwards' and modulate the autobrake max braking action by changing the brake effectiveness scalar 'on the fly' or using a gauge to limit the brake axis travel. I played about with the latter idea a bit last night and come to the conclusion that it is, indeed, somewhat more complicated! (In doing that I managed to get an automated deployment of RTO braking working though so it wasn't a wasted effort!) Geoff
  12. Ok, having searched with google I found several posts in this forum (which the forums own search did not find!!!) saying that the product is discontinued. So my question changes to this: what do I do to get weather dependant braking performance? Surely it can't be that complex to code something that limits the available braking power based on the aircraft weight and ambient weather conditions, so is there any other product out there?? Geoff
  13. Hi Aerosoft! I have been hunting around for a way to make my braking experience a little more realistic and have been looking at autobrake systems that are a little more advanced than the FS9 default... (also because I am re-building my Boeing 717-200 panel now having been kindly allowed in the cockpit of a real one yesterday where I saw that several of the gauges I have built were not quite placed right!) Anyway, I have found several references to something called "Aerosoft FSX-FS9 Autobrake TSR" but I cannot find anything further than a couple of screenshots and then a bunch of dead
  14. Exellent - that (of course) fixed it and now it's working nicely. Thanks very much Oliver for this extra tool. Geoff
  15. Ahaa, so the ViMaCore.cfg IP address is that of the FS machine also. Ok, I had assumed that there should be the IP of the remote machine, from where the communication would come... My mistake for not reading the instructions carefully enough I guess. Will test later and hopefully that will now work! Thanks very much. Geoff
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