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  1. +1. But right now EETN X is no longer in the shop. Only XP and FS9? Skip.
  2. Hey!!! Good surprise :-). With latest update 1.0.2 I can use Coroute to load Airbus FLP!!! I share now the same folder for FSX Aerosoft Airbus and P3Dv4.1 Aerosoft CRJ. Skip.
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering if I'll have to find and download all the liveries I have on the FSX release! I have so many of them. I suppose the Lvars won't be the same and I'll have to update my LUA script? Skip.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTICE: I tried to add another airport and again CTD (ntdll.dll this time). I've just disabled all my UK2000 sceneries and P3Dv4 loads normaly with the new airport! SO IT SEEMS I'VE REACHED A P3Dv4 LIMITATION? Or at least it's a bug... I go back on all the changes I made with Napoli X and it works well now as soon as I reduce the number of addons! Sorry if I imagines that the problem could be a conflict with Orbx.... Hopefully the latest release of AddonOrganizer is able to manage groups of addons (As I did with FSX). So I can reduce my addons to the departure and arrival countries. Skip.
  5. OK. And now NapoliX_city.... I found that renaming the 2 photo_xxx.bgl files to "off" avoid the ai_player.dll crash but of course the result was not very nice as objects were placed on a wrong background. I applied the NapoliXAutogen fix because I often use FTX Central and I try to move the 2 photo_xxx.bgl in the scenery at layer 2 I created before for the LIRN_ELEV.bgl. Great! All is ok now! Perhaps I'll try to go back to the normal state with P3Dv4.1 but right now the workaround seems ok even at night. Good night all. Skip.
  6. Well, I can't explain why it's ai_player.dll which is faulty when the crash occurs but I did the following using the old good method which consists to rename the BGL files... As both NapoliX and NapoliX_city were faulty, I first focussed on NapoliX and kept the city disabled (I can live without the city at this moment...). I found that renaming to ".off" the file LIRN_ELEV.bgl was sufficent to avoid the crash without impact on the airport design. Then I took Aspen X Extended as a model and created a dedicated scenery entry for this elevation BGL file with a number layer = 2 and it also works (I don't know if it's useful or not)... I performed a traffic pattern at dusk and all is running well but I agree the OpenLC city is ugly and only Vesuvio volano is amazing NapoliX_city seems more problematic in first approach but I'll go on with my tests. Regards, Skip.
  7. Yes, Mytraffic 6.0 but if I disable all OpenLC Europe entries in scenery.cfg, Napoli X runs well with AI aircrafts parked. If I only disable Mytraffic X entry in scenery.cfg, the CTD still occurs. Skip.
  8. Hello, I saw things about autogen and ORBX FTX Central and got the fix NapoliXAutogen to solve that problem but I have a bigger issue: When I try to run P3Dv4 at Napoli airport I get a CTD: Nom de l’application défaillante Prepar3D.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x594a7255 Nom du module défaillant : ai_player.dll, version :, horodatage : 0x594a7254 Code d’exception : 0xc0000005 Décalage d’erreur : 0x000000000004d4f9 ID du processus défaillant : 0x15c8 Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d319ff17396063 Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : I:\P3Dv4\Prepar3D.exe Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: I:\P3Dv4\ai_player.dll ID de rapport : 9b0dafc5-85f2-11e7-bcf7-c86000cc4d68 The only way to start P3Dv4 is then either to disable Napoli X entries or to disable all EUROPELC entries in scenery.cfg. I tried to change NapoliX priority (above or below OpenLC) without succees. I tried to reinstall NapoliX with ORBX Vector option (but I don't have, only OpenLC!) without success. As I saw ai_player.dll error I tried to disabled ships and apron in Napoli X without sucess. I also tried to disabled MyTrafficX entry without sucess. I didn't see anything on ORBX forum about Aerosoft's Napoli X. Someone can help??? Skip.
  9. I'll have a look at Paris LFPG from T2G but I don't remember any problem with DL on it. Skip.
  10. Well... I don't blame simbrief flightplanning as the route and the format in the FLP file are correct according to CRJ documentation. What I do not understand is why it won't load directly? DO we have to use the FLP menu instead of coroute entry? Skip.
  11. Hi, I don't know if I do something the wrong way but when I want VOR2 (perhaps all navaids?) to be displayed on PFD, The needle is OK on the right but KO on left? See picture attached. I fly with DLL... Skip.
  12. ADDENDUM: No problem with EDDS but smaller airport for sure.
  13. Hi, I did some teste tonight setting above values to 500 as I have many AI aircraft at EDDF but there's no change. In fact as you can see on the pics enclosed, DL is working but not as it should? 2 pics are without DL set in P3D (CRJ is all black), the 2 other pics are with DL set (CRJ is lightned but it is very weak and the rear part of the aircraft). You also can see that AI Traffic does not impact anything except FPS :-). Except AI Traffic and GSX, what can impact DL on this airport (I didn't check EDDS yet)? Orbx OPEN_LC Europe with road lights? Skip.
  14. Hi, I'm still trying to use the Coroute function with the CRJ and I can't. My last try was with version and Simbrief generated flightplan from LEBL to EDDF. Here's the Coroute section of the flp: [CoRte] ArptDep=LEBL RwyDep=LEBL20 ArptArr=EDDF RwyArr=EDDF18 ArptAltn=ETAR SID=DALI3W SIDEnrTrans=DALIN STAR= EnrSTARTrans= STARApprTrans= APPR_Trans=VECTORS RwyArrFINAL= CoRoute= FltNo=ANE055 Airway1=UN870 Airway1FROM=DALIN Airway1TO=MAXIR Airway2=UN853 Airway2FROM=MAXIR Airway2TO=IRMAR DctWpt3=ZUE DctWpt3Coordinates=47.592167,8.817667 Airway4=T163 Airway4FROM=ZUE Airway4TO=EMPAX I attached the generated flightplan and 2 snapshots of the FMS. One is showing the Coroute loaded without error with rwy and SID. The second is the route set in the FMS and surprise, there's only 2 legs: The first one from the SID and a direct leg to the DCTWaypoint ZUE. What can be the problem? Skip. LEBLEDDF.flp
  15. Hello, Can you attach the flp you use for this flight? When I load one of the demo flp I never get the full route loaded.Only the SID and STAR but nothing between. Is it normal we have to provide all information RWYS, SID & STAR in the flp if we want to avoid a load error? Thanks. Skip.
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