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  1. Hi, The fact is it was the first time and I've never have this issue again. As far as I remember I didn't manually add anything except the Coroute and SID then the STAR. If it happens again I'll take the time to verify everything before going on. Skip.
  2. Hi, I've made my first flight today with A319 on P3D5 and I've got a strange issue related to time management in FMS. No issue on P3D4 with that. The cockpit clock was indicating a correct early morning time at Venice (03:30 UTC) when I stated up and I didn't paid attention to the flightplan loaded. But when I wanted to check waypoint time prediction during cruise all the next waypoint times were wrong (around 18:00 UTC). The "from" waypoint time was correctly updated. As a consequence the TOD was not there and things got corrected when I was entering STAR after manually managing the descent (VNAV descent path was wrong). Strange isn't it? Skip.
  3. Hi, I've just made my first flight on P3D5 with A319 and VC flood lights were there but flickering every 5-10 seconds? Let's see if it will be better with HF2 and final True light release. Skip.
  4. Hi Hans, Here am I again. Sorry for the delay but I didn't fly the CRJ for a while. I've made a flight this morning without any issue and made a save set at cruise level. One landed I've loaded the saved situation and as usual it went wrong. At first "engines shutdown" message appeared with cold and dark default sate loaded. Then the saved state has been loaded with the "starting up engines" message but gears stayed down and lock and RAT was deployed. Attached all the saved files + CRJ config. Does it mean with have to set "turnaround mode" as default state if we want to reload a saved situation? Regards, Skip.
  5. Sorry but I've performed many flights since the last CRJ one so automatic or manual saved flight files have been renewed. I only have .crj and .crjfms ones (attached). If you need all of them I'll send you after next CRJ flight. Regards, Skip. SAVE.crjfms SAVE.crj
  6. Hi, I've checked my P3D4 settings and Enable Panel Serialization is already disabled. So I don't know why CRJ specific state files are not loaded properly (first message I can see when loading is : Shutting down engines? ). Any chance to have a EFB option to load a saved state? Skip.
  7. Ok. I can see this line in Prepar3D.cfg: [PANELS] IMAGE_QUALITY=1 SAVE_AND_LOAD_PANEL_STATE=0 Should I set it to "1" when using the CRJ or is it another entry? I'm using a home made P3D4 launcher and I'm able to automatically set the right setting depending on the aircraft I want to fly with. Skip.
  8. Hi, I experienced the same problem this morning trying to load a saved flight (cruising at FL320) after a P3D4 freeze (due to a bug in a scenery addon and not the CRJ!). Even if I manually fix all the systems which are not OK (gear down, mach and stab trims, yaw dumpers, AP disengaged) and resume a normal route the Ram Air Turbine is engaged with its horrible sound and of course no way to change that. What's the problem with loading saved in flight situation? Any fix? I'm using the v Skip.
  9. Ok guys, I found what was my issue and it was not caused by the sceneries! In fact at GCHI and GCGM the only aircrafts I wanted to place were Binter Canarias ATR72. I'm using Traffic Global AI and the problem is in the aircraft's contact points! At GCLA I was able to put any other AI aircrafts... Sorry for the fake alarm. Skip.
  10. Default terrain is active at layer 1 in scenery.cfg and all the ALT BGL files are there. Tomorrow I'll perform a flight GCHI - GCLA and I will be able to check that AI aircraft are OK at La Palma. Skip.
  11. Hello, Is anybody able to get AI aircrafts on both GCGM and GCHI? I've just bought these 2 addons for my P3D4 and when I try to set some AI birds on them, they are literally sinking into the ground and disappearing! I already have GCLA and I don't remember having this issue. By the way my aircraft and GSX vehicles are well positioned on the ground. Any fix? Regards, Skip.
  12. Oups! No problem with default 737... I've tried to change static_cg_height value on this plane. Still bouncing but I can't hear the wheels touchdown now. Thanks. Skip.
  13. Hi, I've got bouncing problems with AnchorageX and Feelthere B737 PIC when taxiing to holding point 07 or on the rwy 14 after landing. Anybody has the same? Thanks. Skip.
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