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  1. I watched the video for CRJ professional As i understand the true glass effect means rolling down raindrop on the windshield if the weather is raining out there But the trail video showed no effect on the windshield Can someone explain that effect for CRJ professional? Thanks
  2. Hi Today , I visited here before buying A320 professional I want to share my case of pitch up with PMDG NGX737 but the situation is a little different , usually it happened when aircraft is descending I issued this to PMDG team and got answered that just delete FSUIPC At first , I couldn't believe and didn't want remove it However , it works for me.. After removing FSUIPC , No more abnormal pitch up happened I am not sure FSUIPC makes this but If you don't mind , just give it a try.. Here is the PMDG737 nose up video https://youtu.be/QX5Yvjm-dpg I have naver pulled up the yoke , but the yoke was pulled suddenly and released VNAV with pitch up Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your advice and analysis I am going to check which nav data was used for CRJ "your EFB uses Navigraph data while your CRJ uses NavDataPro. Always use the same nav data for everything." A few days ago I downloaded CRJ install file again and clean install CRJ 1.0.5 with hot filx 1.0.6 when i selected a route which saved file on FMC , it failed making a whole route with SID data Do i need to load route file at SEC PLAN on FMC? i have ever read that kind of info for CRJ .. even it dosen't make sense.. i am not sure anyway i input the route file name of aerosoft type at flight plan page on FMC instead of selecting route works fine with EFB route ... i don't know why but it works ^^ I will test VROUTE file even it's incomplete route because i can choose SID and runway for departure Thanks
  4. Today I got the tow issues on P3D V4.2 #First I just input FMS route saved from VROUTE or EFB for CRJ700 version 1.0.5 after route loaded from saved flight route on FMC, i select a sid for departure 7L at PANC airport But the loaded whole route on FMC has gone and only left SID route from PANC 7L It just disappeared route on FMC.. why this happen? I tested over and over ...got the same result It seems to have an error with 1.0.5 version Aerosoft team... Please check this kind of issue #Second There are two type of route for Aerosoft aircraft Usually I make a route from Avilasoft EFB and save the flight route It works fine for a while but now latest version seems to have erros Today I got the message "LOAD ERROR" and then CTD P3D V4 Please check this issue * Unable to load route from EFB [CoRte] ArptDep=PANC ArptArr=PAKT RwyDep=PANC07L RwyArr= RwyArrFINAL=ILS11-Y SID=ANCHO8 STAR= APPR_Trans=DOOZI DctWpt1=JOH DctWpt1Coordinates=60.48095,-146.59934 Airway2=J501 Airway2FROM=JOH Airway2TO=BKA Airway3=J195 Airway3FROM=BKA Airway3TO=UDENE * Can be loaded route from VROUTE because there is no SID/STAR data [CoRte] ArptDep=PANC ArptArr=PAKT Airway1=J501 Airway1FROM=JOH Airway1TO=BKA Airway2=J195 Airway2FROM=BKA Airway2TO=UDENE
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