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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. So my understanding is that a click spot on the edge of the monitor in which MSFS is active can be triggered when multitasking between separate monitors. As you mentioned, the only solution is to remember not to leave the Aircraft page up, or to change the camera angle. I just have to remember that- this always happens when I forget, and then I just quit the flight because I don't feel like reprogramming everything from the beginning again.
  2. My post above is incorrect, I am in fact having an issue with the panel state changing when I am multitasking on my secondary monitor. It happened again tonight at the end of my flight. I clicked on another program (vPilot) on my taskbar (on secondary display) and the panel state changed again. This is now the 4th time this has happened to me. I confirm that I did NOT accidentally click on any button on the EFB page, as I was being extremely careful not to. This only happens when the "Aircraft" page is open on the EFB (the page which changes the panel state). So in the meantime I can't use that page except when needed; however, I often forget and leave it on, thereby risking the panel state changing on its own when I multitask on my other monitor to pull up charts, etc.
  3. Edit: I posted this because the panel state seemed to randomly change to "cold and dark" during my pre-flight. I use two monitors during my flights and frequently switch back and forth, and switching seemed to cause the panel state to change. However, upon reading another thread, I determined the likely cause is that I'm accidently selecting a different panel state in the EFB when I bring my cursor back to the primary display and click within MSFS to make it the "active" monitor. For now, I'll consider this solved; going forward, I won't leave the EFB on the "Aircraft" page any longer. It would be helpful to require confirmation that a user wants to change a panel state to avoid accidentally changing the state.
  4. My FPS temporarily drops shortly after takeoff, then goes back up. This is presumably because the sim is loading distant scenery. Most of my cores go up to 100% which coincides with the drop in FPS. Perhaps the CRJ is just that resource intensive that simultaneous sim functions overload the CPU, which causes the drop?
  5. However, now P3D crashes when I save and load the flight. Only happens with the CRJ, and there's nothing in the Windows event viewer.
  6. I changed the default state to "Ready to Taxi" and it seems to be reloading mostly correct now - puts the landing gear down, but I can live with that. Great suggestion, thanks.
  7. My default state is cold and dark. I'll try switching it to something else and give it a try.
  8. Thanks! When I reload, the engines are off, and the gear lever is down also. It seems the plane reloads into a state it's in at initialization, maybe? That doesn't really explain the Ram Air Turbine, though. Are you having the same problem? I haven't seen anyone else with it. This issue is a dealbreaker for me because I rely on autosave in case of CTDs. It's no fun flying it if I know I can't resume the flight if P3D crashes.
  9. P3D v5.0.31.35253 CRJ Professional When loading a saved flight, the panel state is corrupt (see below). The engines are off and do not start, the FMC screen is black, and there are numerous errors on displays. There is also an irritating whining noise that repeats endlessly. I need the ability to reload a panel state in case of a crash-to-desktop, which is why I purchased FSUIPC. This issue occurs whether I save the flight myself, or autosave using FSUIPC. I also tried first loading a default plane with the engine running, but that did not resolve it. I didn't have this problem with the CRJ X. The panel state always loaded perfectly when reloading saved flights.
  10. I was able to lock my frames to 30 using the CRJ X. With the CRJ Pro, I get in the 20s in urban areas. Not bad and still usable, but would be nice to lock to 30 FPS again. Using the HUD (which I prefer for landings) really negatively impacts FPS, dropping it into the teens in urban areas... so I have to choose between HUD or a reasonable FPS. My specs are Intel Core i7-9750h, RTX 2060 with 6GB VRAM.
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