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  1. Yes. There are downloads available for FSX and P3D along with a password. Unfortunately I still use FS9 and there is no longer a download link for that version. I do have an archived version of the file but that is not compatible with the password given.
  2. My Heraklion scenery download/password has been removed from my orders meaning that I cannot re-install. Any suggestions? Regards Stuart
  3. Still no joy after the Regedit and re-install. Ill have to raise a ticket.
  4. Unfortunately I am still getting the same problem. Hovering the cursor does highlight waypoints but they are not visible with everything else toggled on. Using Win7 compatibilty and running as admin.
  5. Thanks Stephen, I'll give that a try, although I am sure they are installed. Stuart
  6. Hi I have updated my PFPX to 2.03 and getting nothing displayed on the world map. The map window and relevant icons are there but no route, airways, etc. Please tell me this is something simple. I have run the compatability troubleshooter (recommended Win8) to no avail. Running on Win 10 32 bit with default location settings. Many thanks for any help. Stuart
  7. Thanks shaun, got one eventually with some wierd search! Stuart
  8. Does anyone have a decent AFCAD for the GAP1 LOWI scenery? Hopefully with lots of assigned parking for the winter ski flights on a weekend. Thanks in advance Stuart
  9. Found the solution; Paris Aerial Photo needs to be moved higher than UT europe files in the scenery.cfg. Stuart
  10. Although purchased over a year ago from simarket.com, I have now started to fly regularly into CDG. I have noticed a problem, taxying from 27R to T1 or T3 along taxiway K, D and B, of severe bouncing. There is no 3rd party mesh for France installed, is there a flatten patch? Thanks in advance Stuart
  11. Forget it, it is working. By the time I had written my query, the jetway had fully engaged. Obviously a lot slower than other addons, as the catering trucks had already arrived!!
  12. Hi Guys I am not getting any interaction with the jetways at Bergen, although all other service fleet, steps, pushback, etc is working fine. Any clues, or was it not possible to have the jetways moving? Thanks in advance Stuart Sutton-Young
  13. Hi there Does anyone have decent intelliscene cfgs for PMDG 737-700 and LH Maddog 2006? Thanks in advance Stuart Sutton-Young
  14. Its now a new forum, so a search proved useless. Can anyone guide me with the process of reinstalling AES after a hard drive format. I backed up all the DAT files from my previous installation, do I just overwrite the new install with these? Thanks in advance Stuart Sutton-Young
  15. Does anyone have a dense, full AI AFCAD for ENGM to use with Scandinavian 1? Thanks in advance Stuart Sutton-Young
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