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  1. This is 100% a Customer Option, and if you have company manuals that include Customer Options, you'll find the list in the Airplane General Section. It's on page 3 of my manual. Page 01-01-03.
  2. A_Pilot

    Flap Logic

    This one's known, all the RW beta testers have poked the devs about this one. As Mathis said, we're stuck for now
  3. You wanted realistic simulation, you got it! Still better than the B1900 I flew. Still not sure what that taxi light switch did.
  4. Hmmm. The "self resolved" is the confusing part in this to me. Check these: Bleeds to Auto, PACKs ON, LDG Elev set to destination, PRESS CONT out&dark (instead of MAN) The Cabin Press and Air Conditioning panels in the overhead should be all dark if configured properly.
  5. Do you have a picture of the warning? Gut instinct in this scenario is to double-check the trim, but without more info that's only speculative.
  6. For the planes without VNAV, on a RNAV non-precision approach without vertical guidance, both NAV and APPR will achieve the same result. Most pilots leave it in NAV since they're likely already in that lateral mode.
  7. Not to speak on behalf of the modeller here, but I wouldn't hold your breath for this in the near future. The Dev team is working on the -900/-1000 to match the P3D offering, and then many more aircraft in the Aerosoft catalog that will eventually migrate over to MSFS. Cabin interior improvements, I can only assume, are not on a priority list given the challenges of developing aircraft within Asobo's ever-changing framework. Unfortunately, this isn't "Airline Passenger Simulator" Speaking as a real world pilot and beta tester of this, I can tell you the Devs are swamped making sure the virtual pilots are happy with the product from the cockpits' persoective, and it's going very well overall.
  8. If you're going for an RNAV/LPV approach, you leave it in "White Needles", and can use APPR mode then. "Green Needles" is for conventional NAV only.
  9. Can you post/picture of the route as shown on the FPLN pages?
  10. Very nice! If you want to take realism to a new level, you can study the flows, and then follow those up with the checklist. PM for deets!
  11. In the real world, the CRJ rarely flies to runways that are shorter than 5,000ft long. The two airports youve posted are both shorter than 4,500, so that's why!
  12. There are many reasons why the AP would disconnect immediately. Could you send us a screenshot of the 2 center displays when this happens so we can see if it's a configuration that could be adjusted?
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