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  1. No worries! The button was introduced quite recently, just a few months ago I think, and it sits kind of hard to notice down there among the other ones 🙂
  2. Hiya mate, that will depend on the origin airport! In Germany filing SIDs is required, as well as STARs if applicable. But that's not the case in every country, not even within the realm of EASA members. Your best bet will be to check the www.edi-gla.co.uk database individually. Make sure you click the "view source" button in order to view the full ATC flightplan that was actually filed.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Hi all, this is the LIDO format used by EAT Leipzig, DHL Air UK, DHL Aviation ME/SNAS DHL and partially Air Contractors/ASL Ireland. Great attention has been paid in order to recreate as many details as possible in PFPX, although a few things can't be replicated correctly in PFPX 2.04 (latest version at the time of upload). Fuel policies for use with the A300F, A330-200F, B757-200F and B767-300F are included. I purposely did not include one for the DHL ME B767-200ERs as I'm not familiar enough with non-EASA fuel policies, although they seem quite similar from what I've seen.
  4. Weil, you just need to switch two letters around actually - it's the LIDO format used by the DHL group in its European AOCs And yes, I've found that PFPX is in parts closely tied to a EASA and LIDO form of displaying data, working with the template made me realize the challenges one might face with a totally different fuel policy regulation, for example. I think I should be able to upload it later in the day.
  5. Hiya, glad to hear back from you Rudy, I've always appreciated your effort and expertise with the Qantas and BA templates! Judging from your input, I've pretty much used all the options PFPX gives to their full potential with my template here, anything more would have to be done outside PFPX. Good to know!
  6. Hi all, I'm in the process of creating an OFP template and ran into a few issues. Maybe one of you guys has an idea on how to resolve them? 1) Is there a way to display the ETOPS fuel and time like this? I find that only <&EROPSFuel> is available, I can't find any operator for the resulting time. 2) Can I display an Enroute Alternate when I'm planning with one, and have it say "N/A" when not? Like this: or: 3) ETOPS related...is there a way to compress the ETOPS results that PFPX gives, and add in the bold items? This is how it should end up: this is what I have so far: 4) That might be a first as far as PFPX feature requests are concerned but...is it possible to include the True Airspeed to an Alternate? The OFP I'm recreating has this section: 5) Is it possible to change the header when exporting the OFP as PDF? PFPX defaults to: "ABC123 KJFK-EGLL (02-Feb-2021) #1", I would like it to read: "AB 123/02 FEB/JFK-LHR" 6) For the section where the effect of lower altitudes on trip fuel are displayed: Can I have PFPX show the resulting new trip fuel on a lower flight level, instead of just the difference? "ONE FL BELOW TIME 0607 BURNOFF 33000" instead of "ONE FL BELOW TIME 0607 BURNOFF P150" Looking forward to your suggestions, thank you all very much in advance!
  7. As I understand it, Alaska crews use Aviobook on their EFBs to view the OFP and also track fuel and time in the same application. There is just no comparable software for flight sim yet, so we'd have to make do with what we can anyway... I'm excited for what you can come up with though! Alaska is tough to get information on as far as dispatch and IT is concerned. I've been researching them for a bit and I couldn't even find out what flight planning software they use - my first guess was Jetplan but I couldn't confirm that suspicion. A few things pointed me to Bytron, or something else that partners with Smart4Aviation... But again, unable to confirm. Luckily the cockpit configs and a few bits of ASA 737 SOP can be found in the Avsim forums, including even Alaska airlines' custom RNP approaches.
  8. Okay, so basically, what we can expect when using your configs: we can rely on the public stuff being researched thoroughly and correctly (photos, videos, maybe PMDG forum entries like the one about the Qantas 738) - which is great cause it is such tedious and painstaking work 😄 Furthermore, you made the effort to talk to airlines and got to use some of their data, which I was always to lazy to do. - in conclusion I can say you're doing awesome work, your configs will be the first place I look from now on. I'm probably one of the bigger nerds around when it comes to these things but I'll gladly take the shortcut before spending hours to research my own configs!
  9. How do you create these configs? Do you just go through cockpit photos available on Airliners/Jetphotos/flickr or YouTube videos like the rest of us or do you have a better source?
  10. As a developer...doesn't it feel bad to build an airport that's been done in a very nice quality already?
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