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  1. As I understand it, Alaska crews use Aviobook on their EFBs to view the OFP and also track fuel and time in the same application. There is just no comparable software for flight sim yet, so we'd have to make do with what we can anyway... I'm excited for what you can come up with though! Alaska is tough to get information on as far as dispatch and IT is concerned. I've been researching them for a bit and I couldn't even find out what flight planning software they use - my first guess was Jetplan but I couldn't confirm that suspicion. A few things pointed me to Bytron, or something e
  2. Okay, so basically, what we can expect when using your configs: we can rely on the public stuff being researched thoroughly and correctly (photos, videos, maybe PMDG forum entries like the one about the Qantas 738) - which is great cause it is such tedious and painstaking work šŸ˜„ Furthermore, you made the effort to talk to airlines and got to use some of their data, which I was always to lazy to do. - in conclusion I can say you're doing awesome work, your configs will be the first place I look from now on. I'm probably one of the bigger nerds around when it comes to the
  3. How do you create these configs? Do you just go through cockpit photos available on Airliners/Jetphotos/flickr or YouTube videos like the rest of us or do you have a better source?
  4. As a developer...doesn't it feel bad to build an airport that's been done in a very nice quality already?
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