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  1. Anyway great software, I enjoy the CRJ a lot! And yeah the voting system sucked lol
  2. @Tom A320 and guess what, it wasn’t a suggestion, it was a technical question I had and it was about circuit breakers. When the CRJ was in development, I would log in every Friday and read any updates, just like the A330, if I had a question and it was answered, why I would ask it? You’re right. What makes you think everybody is like the rest of these kids at the forums? Kids who actually never ran a Trent 800 engine in their lives or even know how to adjust the seat on an A330 cockpit. I actually took the time to read to find the answer. I know how long it takes to develop software, how difficult it is to get technical information, being a maintenance engineer in real life, airbus limiting information on the A350, I can imagine how difficult is to get info for a project for you guys. I suggest you read the posts yourself before posting stuff like that in the future, as some questions are genuine. Don’t assume the rest of the people in these forums are annoying kids. I actually even suggested to close the forum as well, and you guys replied, “based on customer service we cant do that... line”, guess what? In real life, if you are a ticket agent and the plane is broken down at the gate, you don’t feed the passengers with info as for them to become antsy, you just tell them, “There’s a technical problem with the aircraft, we will get back to you with information momentarily”. Thanks for shutting that forum, because kids, and not adults, were on it, and what happens when you show a child a piece of candy all the time, but you don’t give to them, they’ll start crying and bitching and be abusive towards you. How precise and complete am I now? Irving
  3. I share the same statement, its not for nothing, but @calzoom made questions that actually concern to most of us. I know these projects are painstaking and draining, but many of us are wondering if this project will turn like the CRJ or the failed 737 classic and the a380 attempted by other publishers that I wont mention, because its irrelevant. The whole voting system, correct should be taken down and updates, on my opinion, should be made every three months, rather than every Friday, just like said on the quoted statement, ON A SEPARATE CLOSED FORUM, and proof of that was with the development of the CRJ, as people started to become antsy about the release date... I posted the words on the CRJ forum, the same Im posting today on this forum about the a330 and Mr. @Tom A320 replied “use the search engine, its a great tool” or something about those lines, on why being open to people, and appeartly I was right, now you guys had to close the forum. Smh... Why keeping people anxious? @Mathijs Kok
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