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  1. how did you fix the brake issue? Me and my mate have a problem where the brakes are stuck on differential and we cannot get them off unless he restarts his whole p3d
  2. Any ideas when the a330 EFB will have internet browsing? I saw in the professional preview it was being implemented but unsure when it will be released
  3. Yeah turned the views off again and restarted sim, works fine
  4. Hi all, Just like to say thank you for a brilliant new aircraft type in the sim its truly amazing, just one thing though, Chaseplane seems to work fine inside the flight deck but does not seem to want to work at all on exterior views, ive turned off the view settings in the MCDU and still no luck, any ideas? Cheers
  5. Any Idea if you can adapt this so we can use on the Professional A321 please?
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