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  1. Im going to Austria for a week tomorrow. Can i have the A330 now please 😄 Ok fine, Something to look forward to!
  2. Hans, the plot thickens! haha. So i just departed on the above situation, and after initially turning right to intercept my first waypoint, GM440, I engaged LNAV AP on. Immediately the aircraft banked full right and attempted to fly direct towards the base end of the originating runway (01R ENGM) I didnt manage to screenshot this with the LNAV path as it should have been, but i quickly initiated a direct to GM440 by dropping GM440 onto itself in the legs page, and as you can see, the result was a leg was created from the originating runway point, to an unnamed waypoint as seen on the picture just ahead of my aircraft and then to GM440.... There seems to be something recurring the aircraft back to the origination runway. That origination point is the exact same one that it draws the direct line from to your first flightplan waypoint when it does the SID discontinuity.
  3. Also notice the route page even shows the correct course 201deg from OKSAT to TOR, So it has computed it. And by chance, i have caught an example of the framerate dip, 50 to 25. seems to manifest as jutters. Much worse at night, but i think it was fine until i turned on flood lights, and then even turning them off has no effect... like they get stuck in memory or something? I have no clue about programming these beasts! lol.
  4. Hope this is helpful... ENGM RW01R OKSA6B Current Airac (navigraph) It seems to populate the SID waypoints, and show them correctly in sequence on the legs page, but on the LNAV Map the line stops at the end of the SID (last fix) and then there is a line from the RW direct to the first flight plan route fix, in this case TOR. Its easy fix, delete TOR, And add it again on top of VIPPA (next fix) and then connect the discontinuity.see below for original and second picture is after fixing. Additionally, not noticed this before, but all my legs in the FPLAN page are DIRECT, but the flightplan is airways from simbrief. Not sure why it would add them in as directs to each waypoint on the FPLN page. Usually i get FIX airway FIX so on, and all the individual fixes in the route page only. Maybe connected? See 3rd picture.
  5. I cant recall seeing it done before. Great work, great ideas.
  6. Thanks, I thought it may be a bug in the implementation of something like that, a background system model. I think i was in the FL340-FL390 range, but i may be wrong. I dealt with it with selected mode and forgot about it after the flight, and that happened about 5 flights in a row haha.
  7. Evening all. Since the latest experimental, I have noticed when i reach cruise, in managed mode, the PFD alternates between Mach and Speed about every 5 to 10 seconds, resulting in the engines spooling up and down to achieve the slight difference between to two modes. I have just been taking out of managed mode and leaving it on selected Mach for my cruise and it happily drops into DES mode when commanded. Was wondering if this is something anyone else has noticed or is a known issue awaiting correction? Its manageable, But appears consistent so far. I will keep an eye on it. Also, something odd happened with GSX loading my PAX. Look at the max/actual section. This was during loading. Once loaded, if flipped to the correct value.
  8. I for one won't be upgrading, unless you can promise it will include all the important bits from the last version that I love flying so very much. Jokes aside, this is brilliant news! I think it might be my favourite aircraft in the world. Its stunning. A joy to hand fly into small Scandinavian mountainous airfields.
  9. I also am experiencing this problem. GSX SERVICES selected YES in 3rd MCDU I set everything in the load manager and select generate loadsheet. I then open 3rd MCDU and hit INIT before powering up the a/c or commanding GSX. All values load in LSK side. When i select load passengers, the BOARDING and CARGO go solid green, no flashing, and the numbers stay at zero. FUEL works fine. I can then do as mentioned above, and enter the numbers over the INIT inputs on LSK1 and LSK2 and that bumps the values to the correct figures and good to go v1.2.4.0 p3d 4.5
  10. Thanks. This has been my experience of the repaints in the pro forum. Well that's crazy then, why wouldn't they? And then there are repaints that say compatible with pro, or updated for pro but manual install only... And that's fine, i can manage manual install. But it seems to be hit and miss. So you have a repaint, the installer doesn't want it, you manually install and it wont show, you make the edit and it wont show, but does in the livery manager, so you change the model and you get alpha textures only, so you try the other model and by now, you have 7 txt files open, the sim open, 3 folders open, you don't know what your name is any more and you have made a complete mess inside your install! haha. I need coffee.
  11. I feel like im going insane. Why is it so difficult to get a livery to show up in the sim? I have corrected the fallback, i have checked the type, i have added the livery into the cfg file, i have done everything required for any other repaint i have ever manually installed. It even shows up in the livery manager!! With a picture of itself!! (yet, the livery manager wont install it itself) But no matter what i do, i simply can not get it to show up in the aircraft list. Does anyone have a working Easyjet livery with a G prefix reg and a remaining reg that is corresponding to an actual aircraft. Vezy have all the liveries, and despite having many of them installed before, after literally hours re-writing cfg files and fallback addresses, i simply can not get any other livery to show up. This is since but im not saying that is the problem as it has always been very difficult to get a livery into the Pro bus Also, what is the mess of a hosting system for the liveries in the forum? Mathjis made the new topics for liveries for the pro, yet there are repaints for pro in the old sections, old repaints in the new sections, and the search function seems to ignore files.... Im not a re-painter, or a software developer, im just a huge aviation fan who just wants to pay for his software, and have an easy time using it. Why cant i go into to forum for liveries, search easyjet, download the file and use the livery installer to install it with a click??? I honestly dont mind the ongoing update policy. We waited a long time for this release and in my opinion it is a brilliant add on that was released, as explained, with some finishing to do. But guys, i cant even install a livery!!! Hours i have spent today without even loading into a flight. What am i doing wrong? Im sorry if its my fault, but i just dant understand why i have such difficulty and illogical results like it showing in livery manager but not in sim? Is anyone aware of anywhere that is hosting repaints that simply work with the installer? EDIT I have managed to get 1 livery in. It took a full reinstall because by this time, i had altered so many things, i didnt know what state things were in. Excuse my frustration, but i simply dont understand why a) The livery manager exists if it doesn't work or if it does work, b) why are repaints not packaged by repainters in a format ready for the installer to install them? Like i said, im no programmer.... But i just dont understand the problem between the installer, and the repaint files?
  12. petetech


    Thanks very much Mathijs. Was just checking I hadn't lost track of an information stream. I don't want to miss the release! 😂. (I'm not bored of the A320s yet. I get excited every update that the screen initialization process will be included! Haha.)
  13. petetech


    This is not a request for an update or release date and anything like that. I'm just clarifying that I have access to the very latest information, as a search of A330 in the forums only brings up a closed topic that ended in Feb with some beta screen shots. Is this the only information stream available for the upcoming Bus, if not, where is the latest development information for me to keep up. Thanks. 👍🏻
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