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  1. Wow thanks for the quick answer. I should have read the manual first (shame on me...) It was the DX 10 issue. When it is deactivated, as written in the manual EDDS is like the nice pictures on the web side :-) Sorry for any inconvinience. Cheers Mutz
  2. Hi all Bought today EDDS, looks fine on your Webside :-) Indeed I have installed it and can not get it correct. Indeed there is no Runway, only the lights, and buildings are white only. I have it activated and the update was done, therefore in the aerosoft launcher the both signs were in green. I have it then moved in the scenery on top of all, but his had no effect. The files are all in .bgl, I guess no problem there. Gents, do you have an suggestions? Thanks in advance. Mutz
  3. Thank you for your help. I found that the shipyard does not produce the *.BGL file. OS I reinstalled the Acft but no effect. I have the *.KML file but can no compile it into *.BGL . I have no clue how to compile otherwise. Any help is very appreciated. Mutz
  4. Hiya Aerosoft I was very happy to see this chopper available in such a wonderful quality! So I bought it immediately. But, hmm there is always a but :cry: I can not find the ships. I mean the shipyard tool works fine etc. all done according the book. But the ship is nowehre... Am I to stupid? What have I forgotten, please help me out. I have placed the ship but could not find it. I have only the two Boxer Flight plans where I could find a ship. :shock: Thanks a lot. Mutz
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