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  1. The airport folder is under c:\program-files(x86). I found the EGLL_Lib-jetways.bgl is still there, should I turn that into a .off file?
  2. I downloaded the SODE file from SimWings for EGLL. It added the SODE jetways but did not remove the ctrl+J jetways. What did I miss in the installation?
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I'm using for both the A318/19 and A320/21. I use Navigraph to update the AIRAC cycle. I have attached an image of the FMGS page. The interesting part for me is that I had done plenty of flights in the Airbus before I encountered this problem, although only one flight since updating to It could just be a coincidence that the flight plan I used for the last flight was compatible with cycle 1809 so I wouldn't have noticed an issue.
  4. The other day, I began having a problem with the FMS and displays of the A320 family aircraft. Yesterday, I had the problem twice with the A321SL CFM and today I had the problem with the A319SL CFM. Yesterday, when the aircraft loaded to the turnaround state I have set default, all the display units were blank. I went to the pop-up menu and checked to see which state the aircraft was in, and it said turnaround. I clicked turnaround again and everything loaded fine. However, shortly into entering the route into the MCDU, it stopped recognizing any airways or waypoints. I rebooted the computer and tried to start the same flight again, but the exact same thing happened, even at the exact same airway/waypoint entry. (For what it's worth, the sequence where it stopped working was trying to enter Q93/SHRKS from MALET). I had been able to enter the first few as planned, but after that entry went wrong no other waypoints or airways were recognized by the aircraft. Today, the A319 loaded fine and all the screens loaded like they should, except the FGMC option at the top left of the "SELECT DESIRED SYSTEM" page on the MCDU simply didn't display. I clicked where it should have been and it loaded like normal. However, shortly into entering the route, the aircraft stopped recognizing any other waypoints or airways. I'm not sure if any other problems exist as I did not try to go any further in the flight planning process. Its AIRAC is current at cycle 2003 and there are no regular or experimental updates available in the ASUpdater. What can I do?
  5. To clarify: this is for the A320 Professional, specifically for the A321 with IAE engines.
  6. I randomly started having this issue yesterday without having changed anything. When the flight eventually loads, the sim is frozen and I have to ctrl+alt+delete. Prepar3D V4.4.
  7. RT @ryanmatt23: RT if you're glad your QB isn't Jay Cutler

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