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  1. Is there anything constructive you wanted to add by spamming three different threads with the same, well-known, and in the end useless link, without any further comments? The Outerra engine has been discussed to death before, and was repeatedly declared unsuitable for AFS2013. Get over it! Judith
  2. Here's a flash: All the way to the right is not the only possible setting for a slider. In fact, most slider are not meant to be positioned at the extremes, but rather somewhere around the middle of the range. Otherwise there wouldn't be any point in having a slider at all, now would there? Or put another way, when was the last time you maxed out all the 'sliders' of your car stereo?
  3. You have to keep in mind, though, that a converted scenery package will usually be vastly less efficient than the same scenery re-exported from the source files. That's because X-Plane's renderer is very different from FSX', so scenery needs to be optimized differently. For example, FSX is designed to handle many small textures efficiently. With X-Plane this will bite you - it needs few big textures instead. Judith
  4. These boxes are actually quite similar to what some fancy head-up displays show (I mean real-world ones)... I generally find all theses comments to the extent of "I don't use feature X because I use an add-on that provides a better version of that very same feature" kind of funny. After all, you do use some incarnation of that feature then, now don't you? That notion seems to imply that Aerosoft couldn't possibly create a better rendition of feature X than Microsoft did, so it'd be better to scrap that feature altogether. Judith
  5. Well, last time I checked, the working title of this project was Aerosoft Flight Simulator 2013, not Aerosoft Cabin Simulator 2013. While ethnically diverse passengers that independently move about the cabin sounds like quite complex a problem (and would justify a simulation in its own right), not to mention the performance overhead, it contributes nothing at all to the experience of flight. Now if you'd been talking about the shifting center of gravity caused by wandering passengers... When I check out a new aircraft add-on and notice a nicely modeled virtual cabin, I think to myself, how cute. But after that single moment, I spend exactly 0% of the time in the cabin - just like real pilots tend to stay in the cockpit. In fact, real simulators don't even have cabins... Judith
  6. Another neat feature X-Plane has had for a while - it's called facades there... Static objects are more efficient than this kind of procedural geometry, though, so this might benefit from a pre-processing step at creation time. On the other hand, if this were implemented in a geometry shader, it might be even more efficient than a bunch of different static objects. Judith
  7. Once again, as far as I understand, the proposed licensing scheme would not work with specific IP addresses, but with reachability on the same subnet. The fact that multiple PCs on different, unrelated subnets happen to have the same private IP address is not an issue, because these PCs aren't able to connect directly to each other. The actual IP address wouldn't be used directly in this licensing scheme. And besides, the details of how packet propagation is handled in specific pieces of hardware are kind of moot from a software design point of view. Judith
  8. X-Plane has had 3D roads and AI trains for years... How about using OpenStreetMap as a scenery source, like Laminar Research is planning for the soon to be released X-Plane 10? Crowd sourcing seems to work quite well within the X-Plane community as well: All of the taxiway layouts have been produced that way. The problem with that approach is, of course, that it only works well within a reasonably large community, and that quality varies widely. And, of course, your favorite airports tends to be lacking, or even missing completely... Judith
  9. The vast majority of pilots stop off their career path at the PPL level and never progress any further. Of those who do, only a tiny majority end up in commercial heavies. And of those who do end up in airliners, many have started out in the Air Force. That was probably either because you didn't delete the configuration file to trigger a re-evaluation of your PC, or the upgrade didn't change the performance bucket your PC was benchmarked into. Judith
  10. And how is that Microsoft's fault? Since there are at least 1001 possible 'career' paths in aviation, confining a game to one of them would be quite limiting, and completely unrealistic for most of the audience. As does FSX. Judith
  11. I think the intent was for all involved PCs to be on the same local network (i.e. reachable from each other without going through a router), rather than to have the same IP address. Such a scheme could easily be implemented via broadcasts, which aren't routed.
  12. For the record, I'm not a programmer for Aerosoft, or a professional programmer at all, for that matter, but I do have some insight into multi-threaded and graphics programming. I just tried to shed some light onto a few issues that may make it more or less likely for some 'features' to be implemented or not - though multi-threadedness or SLI support is not really something I'd call a feature. I don't have any inside knowledge whatsoever. However, if you're after an official, definitive answer from Aerosoft, good luck. For all intents and purposes, they've stopped talking to us many moons ago - which is exactly why this thread is titled as it is. Well, can you name three major features that make DX11 better than DX10, just for the fun of it? Or the main advantage of DDR3 memory, for that matter? If it takes one woman nine months to get a baby, nine women should be able to get a baby in one month, right? Of course, that's not how it works - and the same problem arises in many areas of multi-threaded programming. I have no idea how much this applies to AFS 2013, but I do know that it's not as easy as throwing additional cores at the problem in most real-world computation problems. Some tasks simply can't be parallelized in a meaningful or efficient way. For example, it looks like a no-brainer to move the flight model to a separate thread/core at first glance. But then you realize that the flight model needs to tightly interact with the scenery engine, the graphics engine, the weather engine, the systems modeling, etc. Tests done by Laminar Research have shown that with X-Plane, the synchronization overhead outweighs the gain from moving the flight model to a separate thread. Of course, Aerosoft have the benefit of designing the system from scratch, but the basic problems remain. Judith
  13. Basically, yes. While a game can do certain things that can make it harder or less efficient to make driver-level optimizations for it, SLI works transparently for game developer for the most part, as far as I'm aware. I think it's supposed to use DirectX 10, but I'm not quite sure. And I don't really care, either, because the difference between DX10 and DX11 is not that big anyway. Especially when considering the fact that the majority of current games still use DX9. It depends, but it's not something to be taken lightly. Or else we'd be swamped by massively multi-threaded software by now. Judith
  14. Well, the distinction between high lift and low lift conditions is kind of confusing anyway, because apart from short durations during maneuvering, lift has to always equal weight, or else the aircraft would drop or skyrocket. If you think about it, that has to be the case even in (constant rate) climbs and descends: a difference between lift and weight would cause acceleration in the vertical. That being said, in conditions where the coefficient of lift has to be high in order for the wings to produce the necessary amount of lift - i.e. at low airspeeds - the pressure drop above the wing is high as well. And it's this sudden pressure drop that causes instant condensation, forming visible water vapor. So you typically see these phenomena during the takeoff/climb-out and approach/landing phases. Judith
  15. That mostly depends on whether Nvidia or AMD will consider AFS 2013 important enough to implement specific optimizations for it in their drivers. Who cares about hyper-threading if you can have more than enough real cores? Besides, there's nothing special about hyper-threading from a software point of view. Probably not, because the current 3D graphics APIs have certain restrictions, which basically means that rendering has to be done from only one thread (read one core). In the best case you can do everything but rendering in additional threads, but there's only so much that needs to be done. And besides, you still have the problem of synchronizing the additional threads with the rendering thread. Judith
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