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  1. Yes, thanks. I remembered that. 2.03 is installed and the problem is gone.
  2. Hi Stephen, thanks for the quick response. Actually this is 1.28 on the laptop - showing that an available version is 0.20? I realise now that I have 2.03 available to install - I will give that a go. Cheers, Chris
  3. Local arrival and departure times not calculating correctly. The local time displayed in the planning panels is always an hour more than it should be for both departure and arrival. For example, I started planning a trip from Jinnah to Perth - just 2 airports at random. The departure time populates automatically with a time approximately half an hour into the future, it's 13:21 UTC now so STD becomes 13:50. Jinnah is UTC + 8 so the local time displayed on the map when I hover the mouse over the airport symbol is correct, 13:21 + 5 = 18:21, so I would expect the local STD in the planning window to show 18:50 local not 19:50. Perth is UTC + 8 and never has daylight saving plus its the middle of winter here, so there is no way that 00:15Z will ever be 09:15L in Perth. The same issue happens wherever I plan from or to, whenever I plan it. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I'm pretty sure now that I know what's causing part of the problem. To force the planner to present some ETP data I've created non-EDTO (60 minute) scenarios. If I include those calculations, the cruise levels in the main plan don't work. The plan I've attached to this post has a final cruise at FL215. But regardless, it has an initial altitude of either 4000' or (as in this case) 2000' before climbing later in the flight. The SID doesn't have any such restrictions. SAT3006 LPPD-LPPI (01 June 2020).txt
  5. I have been planning flights around the Canary Islands in the Dash 8 -Q400. For some reason PFPX is holdng the aircraft down at 4000' for a portion of a particular SID even though there is no such restriction in the procedure. In another instance, it planned the final level as FL190 but then shows FL199 at the TOD point. Also, it plans most of the flights at non-quadrantal levels, e.g. odd flight levels reagrdless of the direction. Finally, I planned a flight from LPPD to LPPI; the first plan wasn't too bad, had a hold down at 4000' during the SID but ended up with FL220. The next time I tried to plan the same route it has a hold down to 2000' in the SID and then a final level of FL216.I does this repeatedly. I have never seen PFPX do this before - anyone got any ideas?
  6. X24

    Lockheed C-130 PFPX

    Version 1.0.0


    Compiled from NATOPS flight manual data. More information in the attached readme.
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