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  1. I'm pretty sure now that I know what's causing part of the problem. To force the planner to present some ETP data I've created non-EDTO (60 minute) scenarios. If I include those calculations, the cruise levels in the main plan don't work. The plan I've attached to this post has a final cruise at FL215. But regardless, it has an initial altitude of either 4000' or (as in this case) 2000' before climbing later in the flight. The SID doesn't have any such restrictions. SAT3006 LPPD-LPPI (01 June 2020).txt
  2. I have been planning flights around the Canary Islands in the Dash 8 -Q400. For some reason PFPX is holdng the aircraft down at 4000' for a portion of a particular SID even though there is no such restriction in the procedure. In another instance, it planned the final level as FL190 but then shows FL199 at the TOD point. Also, it plans most of the flights at non-quadrantal levels, e.g. odd flight levels reagrdless of the direction. Finally, I planned a flight from LPPD to LPPI; the first plan wasn't too bad, had a hold down at 4000' during the SID but ended up with FL220. The next time I tried
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    Compiled from NATOPS flight manual data. More information in the attached readme.
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