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  1. Did the full P3D v4.3 reinstall and then added the new CRJ update. Ran all as administrator and I have this issue where the EFB doesn't change when I click anything. None of the screens react either. If I click a screen to get the 2D pop-up it will force everything to load one cycle. Another issue is the front nose gear is turned 90 degrees to the side.
  2. I have removed anything relating to SPAI from my system and received the default fx.bmp files. Still I have no lights besides the logo light.
  3. Was flying KMSP-KMBS with the route WLSTN6 GRB DCT MOP DCT MBS DCT when I decided to choose the RNAV for RWY32 I chose the OTANE transition but realized I didn't need the MBS VOR anymore. I went to delete it and it created this blank waypoint 2778nm away from my current location.
  4. I still have no lights other than my logo light and would like to get them working. If anyone has the files and could upload them for me, I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. It is definitely a known issue, this is caused by another addon overriding the default beacon and nav lights. Must find the default files and replace them to fix it.
  6. Just had a new CTD. Tried entering a DIR waypoint, BNA, and when I clicked on LSK1 it froze. eefdcae5c412ef9e7885e9627bf82d49.mp4
  7. Alright, do you know where I can find the default files? I doubt there is a backup on my system. Also which folder should I put them in?
  8. Just did, it is. As long as you mean in the P3D settings. If there is an option somewhere in the CRJ files, I am unaware of the location.
  9. I am not getting a beacon light, nav lights, or landing lights. Only light that works for me is the logo light. Any idea?
  10. Mine does the same thing running P3D v4. It happens in every aircraft so not just a CRJ issue, however, I am able to resize the popups in every other airplane but not the CRJ. Monitor is 2560x1080.
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