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  1. Hi, 


    Did you sort out this problem ? because I'm getting the same issue .. 


    Good morning,


    Loving the new A330 but I've found a problem I can't seem to fix.As the day turns to night in my sim, the audible warning "Lights On" repeats every two seconds and I can't seem to turn it off. It's really annoying and I've tried flicking on and off all the lights with no luck.Even starting a flight at night is impossible, as just before taxiing the warning comes up and won;t stop.


    The only solution I have found so far is to only fly during the day! 

  2. Well, to cut a long story short, I tried and now I have lost everything, and I mean everything, when I had to reset my PC. Aerosoft have still not reached out to me, I've heard nothing. Honestly, I'm done with them and will be staying away from their products in future. The rely on customers being computer programmers just to get their products to work. I have lost everything I had on my PC based on advice I got here. And guess what? I still can't get the update to work. Shambles.
  3. Ok, thank you so much for your help EDIT: I have windows 10 home edition, so I am unable to change my username
  4. I'm going to try and get support for a third time: Here are my problems, as I've already listed. 1. Yesterday for no reason, my instant download was taken down, then reappeared. In that time, I had continuously reinstalled my airbus to try and fix the problem that the Aerosoft Updater could not find the A330 (it could however, find my CRJ) 2. Once I got the download back, I tired reinstalling the a330 in just about every folder on my PC. Still, the updater would not find the a330. I have followed the advice on this forum. 3. I have completely uninstalled every
  5. Hi Tom, The only file in there, even with everything installed, is the CRJ (and that was installed to the root directory) crj700900x_p3d4 is the name of the file Thanks
  6. Hello again. I'll ask again becuase maybe I'm asking in the wrong place; I've now spent six hours trying to update my A330. I've tried everything, so in essence, here is my problem; When I now open Updater, an error messages pop up saying "No Installed Products Installed". I have the A330, A320, CRJ and Heathrow installed. I've tried reinstalling, I've deleted everything but the A330, then I've tried installing every except the A330. In short, It's my one weekend off and I've started it by trying to simply get a product I've paid for to work. All I want is t
  7. Have done and I'm still waiting 😕 Correction: No communication back, but happy that the download is back in my account. Thank you
  8. Haha, sorry, early morning for me here and I just got off an over night shift. I'll put the kettle on.....
  9. I hope so too. Some communication would be nice though
  10. Update: Aerosoft gave me 5 euros back but have removed the order history and instant download from my profile!! Can someone explain to me what is going on, because now I can't even access my serial to reinstall the game.... Guys, please, don't lose a customer over this. Because you either owe me the rest of my money or the ability for me to download the aircraft that I paid for
  11. I checked to make sure and I didn't. Where do most people install theirs?
  12. Asking for help again, please. I load up the Aerosoft Updater and the A330 is not listed, nor is the A320 family I have installed. The CRJ is, and its directory is listed as (C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\) How can I make the Updater find the A330? I've reinstall it three seperate times (according to the manual), and still it doesn't appear. It's taken up three frustrating hours to try and solve. Surely an Updater should eliminate the need in being a Computer Programmer! Sorry for the frustration, but since day one of the release there's been
  13. Hello, I'm trying to use the updater to update the A330. There is no sign of my A330 (or indeed anything else but my CRJ) in the updater. Really frustrated with this new A330. I feel like I've paid over $60 to be a Beta Tester for Aerosoft
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