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  1. Ok, great. Thank you. Where should everything be installed then?
  2. Hello everyone, I do loike flying the bus however there is one thing that has been bothering me. Whenever I use the fuelplanner and hit generate loadsheet, it fails to find its way to the airbus. So, when on the right MCDU I got to hit INIT Loadsheet, and that happens is that Loadsheet appears in red. I have done the following: Open P3Dv4 in admin mode Open FuelPlanner in admin mode Made sure the right aircraft is selected Deleted the .xml sheet in the Airbus/FuelPlanner folder (recommended after a google search) It's not a big deal, it just means I need to input the fuel numbers manually, which can be a little tiresome. I know a complete reinstall will be suggested, but I really, really don't want to do that. All I'm thinking is that my Bus or the relevant folders for the fuel planner aren't in the right places. Cheers
  3. Hello! I've looked around for info on this, including the manuals, but have a slight problem. In previous version, I had the right MCDU displaying the options screen (ACFT STATE, DOORS, CHECKLIST, etc), but with this new version I can only view it in pop up MCDU mode. How do I change it so that the right MCDU displays that page without having to use the pop up menu? Thanks in advance
  4. Many thanks, I really appreciate the help PS Breaking news..... I used navigraph and it worked!!!!!!
  5. I couldn't even get into OneDrive, the first window that popped up was one telling me to sign up for
  6. Thank you. OneDrive is on my PC but was not enabled
  7. Will do! Which directory location should I reinstall the Bus to?
  8. Ok, I did all this and still it doesn't work. In the NavDataPro installer thingy, which path should I put for the airbus? Also, in the directory you suggested to me, there still is no General folder being created or there at all. I've spent a lot of time and money on this!
  9. Ok, I`ll try that, for reference, here is the folder directory you told me about....
  10. Hey Dave, thanks for the response! I don`t have the General folder in there, it just doesn`t show up. I`ve done about three or four complete reinstalls and still it doesn`t show. My CRJ data is working just fine, however
  11. Hello everyone, I've exhausted myself scrolling through the tutorials and forums, and I still can't find a solution to my problem. My MCDU on the bus does not find the data installed from NavDataPro, instead it shows both primary and secondary nav databases as blank. I've done complete reinstalls, I've adjusted the configurator, and my only option is to think that I'm installing either the Airbus in the wrong location, or the path on NDP is completely wrong. Can anyone help? I've spent about six or seven hours trying to fix this. In short, which directory should I be installing the nav adata in NDP to? Also, my CRJ database works just fine. I tried to use the same directory path for the airbus as the CRJ, but no joy. Thank you
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