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  1. I am trying to locate Andras Field 1.17 file for download. I logged into the updates section where I previously registered my original download (and all my other Aerosoft products). When I select Andras Field I get the "New full build 1.17" box and when I click this, I get The Question/Answer box stating "Always stay up to date with the latest version of Andras Field! Delete the existing version and install the new 1.17 version to have a stable base for the many changes that will happen soon". However, there is no download button to click! What am I doing wrong? See screenshot. Many Thanks.
  2. Many thanks, I can't believe I missed it. I must have miss-typed TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD in my search. Ooops.
  3. I was looking at page 7 of the Lord Howe PDF about making manual changes to the fsx.cfg to make the island look even better. However, I cannot find the [CONTROL] entry in fsx.cfg. I have also searched my fsx.cfg for TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD and there is no such entry. Is there a really obvious solution? What am I missing? Anyway, I love Lord Howe Island scenery. It looks great without tweaking. Thanks Aerosoft.
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