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  1. It's ok now, I followed instructions from the other post, I manually deleted on Windows registry. Thank you!
  2. Installer message is: "The SETUP found a previous version for this addon. Please uninstall the previous version before running this setup!"
  3. Hello, I used Oslo and Trondheim airports with P3D 4.2; I uninstall all add-on and this P3D to properly install P3D 4.5; I downloaded Oslo and Tronheim airports I bought on Simmarket and when I launch install, I have message old verion is already install, I have to uninstall it before to launch installer. Do you know how to solve this problem? I properly uninstalled these two airports, I don't understand what's the problem! I tried with Bergen airport, no problem and many other airports, but with Oslo and Trondheim it's a problem. Thank you!
  4. Hi, do you have news about these airports for P3DV4? I bought them and I would like to use them with Orbx Norway region. Thank you!
  5. Hi! It's ok, problems are out! I want to free space on P3D disk, I uninstalled Aerosoft sceneries and installed them on other disk. I use Scenery Config Editor about to change the path between P3D and nex scenery location. But when In install Aerosoft scenery, installer declare automaticly on P3D, and I open Scenery Config Editor, I don't see scenery then I declare it! The problem is it's like I declare one time on PD3 and one time with Scenery Config Editor! It's the problem, I solve it! Sorry to have bothered you with my beginner error!
  6. P3D is on: C:\Programmes\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  7. Hi, P3D is on disk C and I installed these addons on disk E.
  8. Hello, I just bought EDDE airport for P3DV4, I have problem about missing buildings, I only have jetways. I use Orbx EUGermany South and North, I ran configurator and seen 4 files I can desactivate (.bgl change to .off), but nothing, I already have the problem. Second problem is about EDNY airport, I can't see it, nothing, I check configurator, I try to manually change some files ADE_FTX_GES_EDNY.OFF ADE_FTX_GES_EDNY_CVX.OFF FTX_GES_EDNY_objects.OFF But nothing, same problem! Could you help me please? (EDBC and EDDN from 29Palms work very nice). Thank yo
  9. I installed many updates, but abput LIRN, it worked good before, and since I installed LIPZ and others sceneries from ISD, I have these problems! ISD site doesn't exist today, and I don't know how contact the team, and where download all files!
  10. Hello! I reinstall italian sceneries, but I have a big problem with LIPZ and LIRN airports! All AI aircraft are below the ground! My aircraft is good, but AI are below ground, I can see aircraf's roof but not all aircraft entirely! I think I do an error on files located on World Scenry.... of FS9. Could you help me please? Thank you!
  11. It's OK, it's working now! I think when it decompile files, some are not installed! Thank you so much!
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