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  1. Today,right now, LIRF - LGIR LIRF/34C DCT SIPRO DCT TEA DCT LATAN UM872 KFN UM601 TRL UJ65 BAVES DCT LGIR/12 Plane: Ixeg 737 xenviro,PIlot2ATC,WorldTraffic3 Be Guest: LIRFLGIR.kml
  2. Hi Guys, Today we visit Roma. LIMJ - LIRF >UNIT7K UNITA L50 BAKRO Q195 GILIO GILI1T Done by IXEG737, xenviro,WorldTraffic3.0 and Pilot2ATC..all four awesome and a great experience day by day kr Michael!
  3. Hi Guys, evening sun is shining. Lets do a second (Mini-) Hopp to Genoa. I will take my Airfoillabs Cessna 172 LFMN - Genoa /FL15 -VFR LFMN - NIZ(112,4) - ABN (420) -GEN (112,8) LIMJ Take a ride and visit me now on Michael
  4. Good Morning Guys, After some Maintanance Problems with my Day later.. Today 08:00am UTC at Paris-Nizza, again with my OneandOnly Ixeg 737 Route: DOPAP ODEBU OKASI PERUS AMFOU TIPIK MUS BISBO OntheFly...with WorldTraffic3.0 and Pilot2ATC...with both my first week..collecting expierience..
  5. WorldTour 2nd Day - 05:00pm UTC -Live on Paris - Nizza Beechcraft B1900 LATR2A LATRA UM133 OBEPA UM728 RETNO A3 PERUS PERU6R LFPGLFMN.kml
  6. Hello Everybody, my first part will be this route from London to Paris. I will do every Day at 04:00pm "Zulu Time" a single step, so it will never be boring me.(and you ;-)) Also i will change with every new Route my Plane to get a new expierience. 1.Step - EGLL-LFPG Ixeg 737 Joine Me,today at 04:00pm-zulu (Germany-18:00Uhr) Anhang: EGLLLFPG.kml
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