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    P3D Configuration File Changer v0.01a BETA by Nicolas Haller for P3d v2 Hello there fligh sim fans! I made this litte tool to make things easier when it comes to switch between IFR and VFR flight. With this tool you can load two different Prepar3d.cfg files into your AppData folder. E.g. when you plan to fly IFR you can insert a configuration file with better performance settings and in case of an VFR flight you can insert a file with maxed out graphics. I have made two of these files for my own and they work really good for me, you can copy your own files into the folder where the executable file is. IMPORTANT: -make a backup of your current config file to prevent the loss of your settings!!! I added a button for this in the programm -make sure P3D is not running!!! -the configuration files must be located in the same folder as the executable file! named VFR.cfg and IFR.cfg I hope you like it and if you guys wish that i make this tool for FSX too, feel free to contact me via mail contact@nicolashaller.at Best Regards, Nico
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