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  1. Another source for PACOTs, please update your subscription server.
  2. The online serice is avalaible, Simbrief has a solution and also skyvector. Wen I add this tracks manually the east lost almost all the tracks, only A and C are operative. Simbrief is free, I have paid for your subscription service
  3. What about the PACOTs tracks?. With my subscription active they are not downloaded in PFPX.
  4. I have the same probleme in my fresh Windows 10 1903 until I install the SimConnect Client v10.0.60905.0. Now PFPX Works perfect.
  5. This dons´t work in mi case. Waiting for the next update.
  6. With the previous version I have always followed the instructions in this post and it worked fine for all the organized tracks. But vith version 2, even with the hotfix 2.0.1, it does not work. What is the solution? What am I doing wrong SierraDelta?
  7. With the new PFPX v2 i can´t update manually NAT, PACOT and AUS tracks. I paste the text from the usual providers and nothing happens. Is this a bug?
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