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    Fuel use A320

    A320 Flight ZSPD to ZBAA loaded fuel 6,901 kg but print out after landing indicates fuel used 63.0t !? version What's going on? Geoff
  2. I have the current Airbus on P3Dv4.5. Immediatly after take off after the landing gear has been raised the lower ECAM information section displays what you would expect on final approach telling me to lower the gaer and falps to full. as I continue the take off / ascent this display soon resets to blank. What's going on?
  3. I've used the BFSGSimCom pluin for TeamSpeak successfully for some time to switch comms chanels in the Airbus (I have a keyboard shortcut set up). Suddenly this feature only switches the frequencies in the FO radio but not in Teamspeak. I've deleted the plugin and reinstalled it but still no go. Has anyone else run into this problem? Geoff
  4. Thanks, that's worked. For others who may need to know, the setting is in Options, general, display, graphics, lower right hand side of window select option for Wide-view aspect ratio Geoff
  5. I'm not sure if this is an Aerosoft airbus issue or one for P3D but here goes.. Since installing the latest bus ver the cockpit and panel views are as though your face is right in the panel each time I load p3d [I've got the bus set as default aircraft.] This didn't happen with previous versions. I can zoom out and all is visible but next time i load p3d I'm back to the close up view. How do I fix the zoom settings? Thanks Geoff
  6. Dave, Success! I've uninstalled the previous and installed and then installed the Airbus All of the digits on the FCU are now visible and the 3rd MCDU works aswell. Many thanks for your guidance on this problem. Geoff
  7. Dave, I've got . I think I updated all elements but not 100% sure. What should I do? Geoff
  8. I've downloaded and installed today with my virus protection off. In the cockpit all of the FCU, the barometer digit windows and the 3rd MCDU are blank. I've uninstalled this version and tried to go back to the previous version but that now has the same problems. I can't fly---help please. Geoff
  9. I've jumped to ver but have found new problems.... I'll start a new post. Please close this one G
  10. I've found that the speedbarkes don't deploy on touchdown. I've had several flights where this happens, each time the 'brakes are armed as part of the approach procedures but refuse to deploy unless select the / key to override the setting. They used to work correctly in earlier versions. any ideas? Geoff
  11. Dave, you're correct. The INIt B pages hadn't loaded....
  12. New problem since my last flight on Tuesday. Flightplan loaded as usual sequence but tonight the waypoint altittudes aren't displayed. I've got the Airbus Any ideas? Thanks Geoff
  13. I was thinking of a relatively simple arrangement with encoders to control speed, heading, altitutde settings and may be a few other switches----but not an extensive cockpit.
  14. Has anyone successfully used the Universal USB Interface Boards produced by Leo Bodnar http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=94 with LINDA scipts for the Airbus Professional? If so how easy was it? Geoff
  15. Since the update 1 The RAD NAV page will not accept VOR ID entries but will accept the VOR frequency, e.g entering ELB over the existing entry does nothing but entering the freq will force the change 2 entering a waypoint id in the DIR window has no effect. The MCDU ignores the entry. These problems have been consistent over several flights since the update.. Geoff
  16. Have updated and issue fixed. Thanks
  17. In my A321/320 lower pedestal view (accessed from the F11 key) the + and - keys don't provide any zoom. These keys work in the A318/319. Any ideas?
  18. Es geht; it works! Thank you. Why didn't the installer provide this version?
  19. Nothing found, but I've uninstalled the A320/321 and re-installed it. I've now got 2 the ConnectPro .exe files. ver for the A318/319 and ver for the A320/321. The A318/319 works as before but the A320/321 refuses to connect. The webserver option is ticked in the A320/321 configurator. Any ideas?
  20. I have the 4 buses installed, all ver The MCDU for my A318/319 works ok with my android tab. I activate it from the A3XXConnectPro_A318A319.exe application but there is no application A3XX-----A320A321.exe in the Aerosoft General folder. Should there be? Geoff
  21. OK, found the answer myself. Image on tab was locked to landscape; now unlocked and can now see and use MCDU.
  22. I've got the WebInterface MCDU on my Android tab but it's orientated vertically so that I can only see the top half of the image. Any ideas how to rotate it? thanks
  23. I do hope that Aerosoft agree to Virtual Avionics being able to develop their MCDU product for the 64 bit version. I have used the VA product for sometime in FSX, it's a great, easy to use and adds to the realism of the sim. Geoff
  24. I still have the Airbuses in FSX Steam aswell as the latest updates in P3Dv4 all on the same PC. The cockpit images in FSX are pin sharp but in P3D they are slightly fuzzy. Why is this? Geoff
  25. I have expereinced similar problems with the bus not adhering to the altitude constraints in P3D so flew the Step by Step EDDF EGLL today without ActiveSky and weather as set out in the document. On the descent to EGLL we just achieved FL251 at LOGAN, at SABER it should ahve been at FL160 but passed at FL183, LAM11 should have been FL 070 but was FL090, then 7000ft at D1270 should have been 6000ft, at D132 we were at 4300 should have been 3500 and at D127L we were at 3700ft should have been 3000. At 6.5nm from tthe runway the landing memo was asking for gear down and full flap but we had only slowed to 200kts. The more drag messgae only appeared briefly after SABER. I've flow the FSX Steam version many times and know what the aircraft can do. Hope this feedback helps. Geoff
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