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  1. Now I succeded flying with stable airspeed - for the third time following the workaround 🙂 But the problem with catching the glidescope seems to have reappeared. LOC - yes, but GS - nope.
  2. It's really frustrating. I have now tried the described workaround several palate - each time the m-files I just delete is recreated again. CRJ is useless until Asobo gets the bug fixed.
  3. No - reinstall worked - but no CRJ shows up. Late last evening I solved the problem. An old version 1.0.0. was inside the simulator, but without showing up in the airliners-group. I previous had a CRJ purchased from the markedsplace. It dissapeared when I lost my gamertag (long story - I will spare you). But there must have been some leftovers from this version. I just wonder why this problem occurs several days after installing the version ourchased directly at Aerosoft. Never the less - problem now solved.
  4. Hope I'm using the right forum-section, but I can't find a section about install-problems. I have been flying the CRJ for some time now, and enjoy this aircraft very much. But suddenly it has today disappeared from the aircraft selection. Only my two airbusses are in the group 'jetliners'. I can find it in my contentmanager. I have the version and have tried to reinstall. The plan is purchased directly from Aerosoft (not via marketplace) and is in my community. Any solutions??
  5. Thankyou POLO - unfortunately your description is too advanced for me to understand. "1. Please redirect the tool to the sode folder" - what does that mean? - and how. And mopperle - I am allready running the
  6. ENGM v2 - P3dV5 - if SODE jetways are enabled in the config, I have red cross instead of jetways. With SODE jetways not enabled, I have the finest jetways - but I'm npt able to operate them. Not with CTRL+J - not through SODE - and not via GSX. So either no jetway and a red cross - or inoperateable jetways. ENGM installed in F:\Prepar3D v5\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 - P3Dv5.
  7. The MFD seem to zoom in, so I can only se parts of it. Why?? (P3Dv5 Airbus)
  8. Problem solved. Two file-maps from a previous ENGM was left from uninstall.
  9. After installing Mega Airport ENGM, I get multibel errors when loading Prepar3Dv5 - like pic. All concerning SODE anim and static jetways, trucks a.s.o. I have GSX installed.
  10. I have the same problem - and my panels look like this:
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