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  1. Now I see, that its the GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL i miss - which in the previous ver. was on F9. Is the a way to get this panel back on F9?
  2. Just downloaded the update ver It seems to me, that the cockpitview on F9 is changed from a view close to 2D and to a virtual cockpit view. Is that correct - and then why? And can I get my 2d-like cockpit back on the F9 somewhere in the setup?
  3. I never used the tutorial flight. But I read it and used the procedure for my own flight.
  4. I can transfer loadsheet to the MCDU and I can set load instant. But after a while I hear a 'bib' and from then I cant load, end boarding or close doors.
  5. Prepar3Dv4 - and its after the update. It worked before.
  6. Just downloaded the 1.050. Now the Dave Power-switch dont work.
  7. Have today registred to SimBrief in order to have the possibility to download flightplans directly to the CRJ FMS. Normally I use vRoute, but they have not yet discovered, that the Aerosoft CRJ is out and airborne. But I can't get the SimBrief flightplan properly loaded. I get the SID and the STAR, but no airways or waypoints between. I have compared the pdf-master from Aerosoft with the SimBrief plan, but I can't see, what's wrong. They seem to be alike. Any hints??
  8. Are there any news of the Airbus for P3Dv4. I think I remember, that it was announced released mid august.
  9. OK - here are link to minidumpfiles on DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nwy9uukmqsucb90/AAAgVGAhoVY55owSqaLhJ5iSa?dl=0
  10. How can I send you minidumps for crashs - the files are too big to attach
  11. I FOUND THE PROBLEM - which also is shown on my screenshots. The XFR-button. If this button is pressed, that autopilot is flying according to the right (FO) flightdirector. The correct frq and course in NAV1 - and green pointers - do not help if its the first officers FD managing the autopilot. OK - my fault, but I have not been able to find anything in the manuals and tutorials about the XFR (nor the turbulence mode). The only place I found the explanation and solved the problem was here: https://xplanecrj.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/ch04.pdf Other pilots flying the Aerosoft CRJ could have the same problem - pressing the XFR-button just to be 'safe' but not knowing what this button does. So I suggest, that this button (and the turb-button) is (of course) explained in the manual.
  12. It simply dont work. This is annoying. Approached in HDG-mode. NAV-selector on VOR/LOC. ILS frq and course correct, Green pointers. Autopilot engaged. LOC and a bit later GS activated . AND THE PLANE JUST CONTINUE ON HEADING. Pass ILS without reacting. I dont want to waste more time with this plane.
  13. Well well - have of course downloaded and installed the Three landings by now. One of them with ILS captured correctly. The other two was exactly the same as before - the plane passing the LOC without responding despite NAV-selector on VOR/LOC and green pointers. I'll try a couple of times more tomorrow, but I am about to loose my temper with this plane.
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