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  1. Thanks Mathijs. I have sent an email over to support quoting this post.
  2. This is certainly interesting! Hope the future developments like T4 (which will commence operations before this is released as it is due to open soon) are added. It will certainly be great to include some scenery around the airport to make everything look better. Hopefully this gets released before another WSSS project which is also in the works (we all know who eh?) so I can get this instead!
  3. In this forum post dating back to February 2015, it was mentioned by Mathijs that Aerosoft is looking to provide upgrade options for owners of either Airbus package to get the other package as we did not get the bundle. More than 2 years have since passed and since Dec 2016 I have been contacting support only to get the same message time and again - that is, I have to pay full price to get the bundle which is priced less than 10€ from the individual package price. Admittedly I should have gone with the full bundle to save trouble but I got the A320 package as a "trial" since I have not used any Aerosoft planes before, albeit having used lots of great addons before. Time and again I have been told by support staff, whom I know does not have control over this matter, to pay the full price for the A318/A319 package which I lack which is another 35€, making my "bundle" 70€ instead of 43€. Paying another 35€ is well within my means but I do not see the justification in doing so. Can the management please advise if there will be a reasonable upgrade price for owners of either package, or we are fated to simply pay another 35€?
  4. Thanks for the reply Tom. I've been trying to contact them regarding this matter since December last year but to no avail. I hope they can do something regarding this as asking for another 35 Euros would be ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don't happen to be a member of any VA and have no intention to join one. I'm aware of me getting the A318/A319 package, just mentioning to upgrade to the bundle for more clarity.
  5. Hello, I bought the Airbus A320/A321 package (the newest one, not Extended) in November last year and I have been wanting to include the A318/A319 in my fleet since January this year. I have attempted to contact Aerosoft via support tickets several times but got mixed answers including keying my original key as the voucher (which did not work) and some telling me that no such update is available. Is there an economical option for the owners of either package to upgrade to the bundle without paying the full price, seeing that the price difference between the packages and bundle is around 10 Euros or so? Thanks.
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