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  1. Triflyman, Thanks so much for posting your placement data, I used it to get my Milviz radar to display on the DC8 scope. Since I know the lua offsets for its controls I can map it to hardware and have a working unit...Great Job!
  2. That's seriously good news, thanks very much for the consideration! Looking forward to the cargo version too, my Air Hauler2 Company has three DC-8's working South America right now. I've been touting it's praise on their forum as well. The Milviz unit is sort of a turn key solution but recognize not everyone has it, sort of like but probably not as popular as the Flight one Garmins for GA aircraft. I already have the Milviz unit working as a 2D pop-up but would really look good nestled into the virtual cockpit.
  3. Any chance we could get a mod to the VC allowing the integration of the Milviz Wx radar? It looks like it would be an excellent fit and having a functional radar would be icing on an already impressive effort. I've really been enjoying this aircraft; well done!
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