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  1. Looking forward to it! Will he handle throttles as well or the engineering panel only ?
  2. To answer your questions: >What is the Aircraft state when you perform INS alignment...? I start from cold and dark >Do You use REMOTE when setting of Present Pos..? No >What position values do You use..? The ones displayed by shift-z or provided in the navigraph charts >Do You reset position figures from what You see on INS...?? I do Butit appear that I was mistaken, the INS aligns just fine but I am not clear on what the numbers on the LEFT display indicate during the alignment phase. Sometimes I get: Left: 0 Right 0 95 Other times: Left:28 Right:0 95 Or some other number other than 28. Maybe I missed it in the manual
  3. Hello, I'm following the INS manual but I often run into an issue with the alignment. When I first set the POS for both and move them from STBY to ALIGN The two screens display: "28" "0 95" Instead of: "0" "0 95" Usually after trying for a while I get it to display it and align correctly but clearly there's something I'm not doing right. I could not find no reference in the manual to code "28".
  4. Just bought the plane a few days ago and am thoroughly enjoying it! With today's announcement of the imminent release of p3dv5 what's the plan for future compatibility ? Also unrelated, while I'm at it, any news on the automated flight engineer ?
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