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  1. Thank you very much for Paderborn. And great to hear that Nordseeinseln is on your list. btw Saitek panels with spad.next runs, but huge frame impact.
  2. Hello Mathijs, hello all, great to hear what you and your team do for the new MSFS. My wishlist *or mandatory purchase The Twin Otter with ski&wheel..i need my Antartica Twotter, best Twotter ever, weeks (months?) in cockpit. Got the Twin Otter Extended and AntarticaX, but the only Twotter i fly is the AntarticaX (the Twotter Extended is the same, but it must be the Antartica)...i love this bird. And the Catalina, this beauty must fly, explore the world. And, of course the Bronco, with no other plane i can so wonderfully fly through the area at tree height. And if we have one of these, let us fly again in 80 days around the world , this time i dont fly the valkyrie. Now i only must get running my Saitek Homecockpit. Best regards and happy landings Pest
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