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  1. This has nothing to do with the subject of this thread though. Not to mention you have not specified the aircraft type, profile etc. @FlightSimSoft.com will you be restoring the TAF updates? Access to Winds Aloft, METAR, TAF within PFPX is essential!
  2. @FlightSimSoft.com could you please take a look at this? This appears to be PFPX server related as the https://www.aviationweather.gov/dataserver is up and running.
  3. Can anyone confirm if this has been fixed by LM in v5.3HF1 (released today) ?
  4. FYI, it is updating again. So far 20-Dec/00:00/06/12/18z today I believe this can be considered resolved Thank you @FlightSimSoft.com
  5. Thank you. Currently showing 19-Dec/06:00z so its outdated again as it is only updating 1x per day. Based on current 23:08z, 19-Dec/18:00z should be active at this time
  6. Must be the server. It is currently 00:00z and 18-Dec/18:00z should active. @FlightSimSoft.com are you aware of this?
  7. Submit a ticket here: http://www.flightsimsoft.com/support/ Hopefully this is just server maintenance by the host of the PFPX server. @FlightSimSoft.com can you confirm?
  8. The solution is thankfully a simple one! I have also been suffering from this (only when approaching EDDF) in v5.3 A little research this evening and I noticed that EDDF_ADEV5-OP01.bgl is a 'sloped' AFCAD. In ADEX > File > Airport Properties > Sloped > 'Airport is Sloped' is enabled - I assume this was done due to the sloped taxiway connection 07L/25R to the airport. When the 'sloped' AFCAD feature is enabled, every node on the AFCAD has an elevation which can be adjusted individually Strangely enough they all show the same 364.0ft MSL elevation at EDDF, which makes me wonder if it is even necessary for this to be enabled in the current implementation of the sloped taxiways? (possibly enabled by accident during development?) Long story short, beginning in v5.3 the sloped node data takes significantly to compile when the EDDF_ADEV5-OP01.bgl is first loaded in P3D as you are approaching the airport (this happens at a distance of 15 NM as report above). I assume because of the changes to the thread/core assignments in v5.3 Therefore the solution is simple, I have disabled the 'Airport is Sloped' and recompiled the AFCAD (see attached AFCAD). Good News - The taxiways to 07L/25R are still sloped and all is well as far as I can tell. Have fun and happy flying! P.S. the flightsim community has supported me through a thousand ??? moments over the past two decades, and for that I am very thankful. I hope try solution pays it forward! Happy flying EDDF_ADEV5-OP01.bgl
  9. Nick, reread Judith's post, they are still working on it and will report when fixed!
  10. Thank you for the update Judith I am sure I speak for others when I say that I am very relieved to hear that you are working to resolve this. Your support is appreciated. The truth is I simply can’t imagine flight sim without PFPX!
  11. Has anyone received any feedback from FSS beyond a “we’re having a look” ? I doubt anything has been fixed (and doubt even more that they are doing anything to correct this), the fact that it jumped from Nov-1/00:00z to Nov-4/00:00z and has been stuck there since (currently 20:51z) when it should now be on Nov-4/12:00z is no coincidence either. This lack of communication/support from FSS incredible. PFPX is still being sold by FSS and on Aerosoft. Many of us users also of pay for annual subscriptions. If this is the end of the line for PFPX and FSS then why not show some minimal respect to your loyal customers and make an official announcement? FSS, how difficult is it for you to spend five minutes and and provide an update to your customers? It has been years now that you have ignored this forum and your customers. @Mathijs Kok Could Aerosoft please try to establish contact with FSS?
  12. It’s not about the money There have been half a dozen (if not more) server outages in 2021 alone and it’s always up to the users that seem to care enough to try and bring these issues to the attention of FSS. Rarely with any form of acknowledgement or response on their part. That level of developer/customer communication does not instill confidence when it comes to this ongoing outage. Besides us users reporting, we have not heard anything from FSS. If FSS can no longer monitor and maintain their server and ensure stability of their services, why not work towards a suitable business arrangement with Aerosoft or another party that is willing and capable to maintain this tool?
  13. As a paying customer and longtime supporter of FSS products, is it too much to expect a minimum level of interaction on this forum by developer? We are paying for a service that is not working again. No official communication whatsoever after two days. To FSS, if your professional priorities have shifted and the interest to maintain a reliable server for your paying customers is gone, could you at least consider finding a suitable long-term support arrangement with Aerosoft? PFPX is a fantastic tool and it is something that reshaped and forever improved our flight sim experience. All I ask for and expect is that the data PFPX depends on is provided consistently and when issues do arise on the server side, that someone cares enough to acknowledge and communicate with their customers!
  14. Well that is good to know, at least they bothered to reply to you...can we expect a timely fix or is the PFPX server down for the foreseeable future?
  15. All we can do at this point is report here http://www.flightsimsoft.com/support/ and hope that someone at FSS looks into this. If ANYONE at FSS is reading this - It would be greatly appreciated if you could at least make a habit of acknowledging a server issue on your support forum. A simple post/pin at the top of the forum. Communication goes a long way!
  16. Has anyone received further feedback from FSS support? Is asking for a status update really too much when such a crucial part of a service we pay for and rely on is non-functioning? Considering the current PFPX version cannot read Activesky's API calls, relying on the old current_weather_snapshot.txt as a backup solution is a non-starter! Thank you
  17. In this case it appears its the FlightSimSoft/PFPX server that is down. Could be scheduled/unscheduled server maintenance from their webhost, which was last the case on March 10 and 11. I have reached out to support and will advise, this should be fixed in the AM. The recent outages have been frustrating, however occasional server maintenance is reasonable. The second outage two weeks back was due to NOAA changing their database structure which caused problems for anyone depending on it. Including HiFi, Xplane etc. In any case each time the outages have been resolved by the FlightSimSoft team within 48 hours or less which is perfectly reasonable in my opinion.
  18. Server is down again? Nothing is downloading as of 22:15z
  19. Gents, I reached out to support via a ticket and received a prompt reply acknowledging the issue and confirming that it is already being worked on. Don’t know what I would do without PFPX...
  20. https://www.aviationweather.gov/ Is up again. Is anyone from the PFPX development team looking into this?
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