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  1. When I get started I go to the external view... bring up checklist and I select ready to fly and watch the wings sweep out... otherwise mostly in auto... once in a while I select the recommended settings for AR... but most times no. hope this helps
  2. Support got me up and running... had to replace 3 folders in my sim objects airplane folder... they provided via separate download... now it kneels and launches. another feature works now that never worked before... had first ACLS trap... hands free. That never worked prior to this update. I had to delete the saved flights I created.. one I made the default. Had to delete from my documents... FSX was angry until I deleted. Very happy now!
  3. Hey everyone... got a video uploaded... did some uninstall and simmconnect troubleshooting this morning.... this is FSX STEAM I'm using with WIN 10 I7 8700 16 GB RAM NVIDA 1080.. nothing so far... I actually submitted the trouble ticket today.. so we shall see what Aerosoft recommends. IMG_0900.MOV
  4. Still at work texting from car... need readers too... either I’m getting old or my arms are getting shorter.
  5. The cc line has it removed and is still not letting me send
  6. Couldn’t email from outlook for some reason
  7. Agree on all and will respond soon (at work texting)... Support has always been excellent and not questioning... not sure what happened because I did submit to support via the website on Monday after I had no luck reviewing related topics in forum... BLUF I have a new WIN10 PC and can’t get tomcat to launch on cat... aircraft won’t squat does about halfway and extends... on cat mini hud shows flicker between hold and kneel runs fine on my win 7 pc so FSX is having an issue I guess but other aircraft are working fine on new pc so I’m thinking WIN 10 might be causing??
  8. Hmmm... wish I could give some insight as to why... I too am seeing some odd behaviors with the tomcat... I haven’t had much luck on the forums sloving my issue... I submitted a support email with Aerosoft and it’s been 4 days and haven’t heard back yet (odd as they always responded quickly in the past)... hope you get up and running again soon...
  9. something buggy with kneel... tried shift-w and ctl-w (i.e. tried mapping both)…. acft starts to kneel halfway then stops and extends.. if you keep pressing it will go down a little further somethimes… otherwise it keeps stuttering from extend to half way kneeled when you keep pressing shift-w... Got it down once on b... but then when I went to change back to cockpit (S) flames started to spew from the fuel jet (was on ramp at idle... haven't seen on other A, A+)… Could this be FSX Steam update related?
  10. Tried uninstall after I flew the t45C with no issues launching off a few different carriers... Tried several different throttle configurations... no luck... the aircraft wont kneel on its own and with Shift-I it appears kneeled but in mini HUD it flickers between HOLD and KNEEL and shift-spacebar does nothing (otherwise aircraft is configured correctly). will try A and B next... been using 14 A+ someone HELP!!
  11. Only fix I could find is old...says to select FSX Gold on reinstall and manually point to Directory.... I already uninstalled and installed.... will try again tomorrow... Similar topic on a VRS tac pack forum... VRS was quick to throw the issue back on Aerosoft... Only other thing different is warthog split throttles... but both engines are getting to zone 5 no problem.... before I had them as one throttle with "use alternate throttle" selected.... I guess I can try that too... setting it back. Shift I works... but I cant kneel the aircraft on a runway with shift-w or ctl-w.... cockpit kneel switch doesn't function on runway either... just shift-I on cat... shift-space does nothing... will check other aircraft as well (only have F-14X configured on new system... so far).
  12. Just installed in new WIN 10 PC.... never had this issue before.... In know others have had in the past... cant find fix in forums... will keep looking. Having kneel issue... aircraft wont stay in kneel for launch... seems like conflict with something... or loop like one person described... already reinstalled and no luck! Checking tacpack to see if its a setting there... anyone know how to fix? Making CQ a chore...
  13. having same issue just installed on a brand new WIN 10 PC... never had this problem before... very frustrating I have already reinstalled with no luck... kneel <> hold bar flickers... cant satisfy conditions for launch....
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