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  1. I found the solution. Just above Simonground=False there are some speed data. I set them to 0 and the plane spawned still. As for the location, I just played around with the spawn point's GPS coordinates - yes it was a pain - but I eventually managed to have the plane spawned where I wanted.
  2. Sometimes it's on the carrier just further back than were I saved. My other problem is that when I unpause the plane rocks violently as it spawns with 0 speed, but the carrier is moving.
  3. Hi, I followed all the instructions, paused before saving, set "simonground=False", it's all fine, except I spawn behind the carrier, parked in the air, not where I saved it! I'm trying to edit the mission file to move it 20-30 seconds earlier (when the carrier was still there), but I'm not sure which line to edit and how? Any ideas please? Thanks
  4. Is there any news on this please? I still cannot see the ball from outside cca 0.4 miles. Thanks!
  5. It's been hinted that VKB sim is going to release a joystick with an F-14 Tomcat grip
  6. Sme here, Ican never fly the ball....
  7. I only use the Kitty Hawk too, and the deck is crowded by default:
  8. Come on folks, all your F-14s are gathering dust on the hangar deck, or what? Let's see some screenshots!
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