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  1. Version v1.0


    USA FLORIDA KTPA Tampa Intl Airport v1.0 One month of full time work. Everything NAPS usually offers but terminals. Requirements OpenSceneryX II, CDB lib. I use it as a platform for personal scenery. You may not redistribute, nor modify © USA FLORIDA KTPA Tampa Intl Airport by NAPS. Airport integrated in existing scenery & road network, detailed roadways, taxiways, centerlines, taxiway signs (296!), pavement signage, signage, NAV utilities, equipment, sim's integration, landscaping, lights, satellite imagery (courtesy USGS), etc. ATC traffic. Includes elements of Marc Leydecker's © Library.
  2. Version v2.0


    4 months of full time work In preparation: PHASE 3: SRQ SARASOTA DOWNTOWN, BRADENTON, LAKEWOOD RANCH & BEACHES Brand new airport made from scratch. Adjusted, tweaked orthos, many new authentic buildings based upon actual photography; aprons, taxis, roads with edges; new service roads and roads concept using smooth .lin files, tire marks, aircraft stains; attention to details, gazillions of objects in the exact right place, but still with the NAPS' signature. Team Freddy De Pues (frede, LeBaron), airport developper. Marc Leydecker, advisor, ©Library, exclusive property of Marc Leydecker. Fabrice Kauffmann, ©F-35B static aircraft library, exclusive property of Fabrice Kauffmann. (version 1.0) Farrell Brown, flight instructor @ SRQ, accurate photos, reality checks. Albert Van Thournout, retired BAF & SABENA pilot, consultant, technical issues and reality checks. Features Customized buildings + OpenScenery Orthoimagery courtesy of USGS with gritting textures. Polygons follow airport boundaries. Optimized polys and objects for better FPS. Airport integrated in existing scenery & road network, detailed roadways, taxiways, centerlines, pavement signage, signage, equipment, sim's integration, landscaping, lights, 3D people, animations, etc. Autogate ATC traffic & flows. Requirements: OpenSceneryX II, CDB Library, The Handy Objects Library, 3D_People_Library, Flags of USA States, world-models-masters, RE_Library, RuScenery. GALLERY & SLIDESHOW (50 pix) Version 1.0 with the F-35B Airshow is still available. More on FRED-E.NET with acknowledgments to lib & plugin creators.
  3. Version v3.0


    Requirements: OpenSceneryX II, 3D_people_library. What's new in version 3.0? New DKM 3D people. GALLERY
  4. Version v5.0


    GALLERY Requirements: OpenSceneryX II, 3D_people_library. Not tested with Global Airports. Delete previous versions of PHHN.
  5. Version v1.4


    Tampa Bay airport USA FL KPIE St PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER INTL Airport HD v1.4 Not for XP10 Read the requirements or you will get error messages Requirements: OpenSceneryX II. Not tested with Global Scenery. RE_lib, CDB Library, The Handy Objects Library, R2_library, 3D_people_library GALLERY This file uses ©Marc Leydecker's library, his exclusive property. The airport is on the west shoreline of Tampa Bay, six miles (10 km) north of St. Petersburg, Florida (the "birthplace of commercial air transportation"). Barely a decade after the pioneer flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1903, the first tickets for airline travel were sold by the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line of Tony Jannus to fare-paying passengers. Using a Benoist XIV amphibious aircraft, the inaugural flight took place from a location near the downtown St. Petersburg Pier. Mayor Abram C. Pheil of St. Petersburg and Mae Peabody of Dubuque, Iowa, were the first passengers, flying across the bay to Tampa and, according to a United Press account, reportedly reaching the maximum speed of 75 miles per hour during the flight. Other reports indicate that they reached an altitude of 50 feet (15 m). This marked the beginning of commercial air transportation anywhere in the world and is commemorated by a replica of the Benoist aircraft and a plaque at the airport terminal baggage claim area. Another replica is displayed at the St. Petersburg Museum of History adjacent to the Pier. Since 1991, the terminal holds the archives of the Florida Aviation Historical Society. In September 2006, Allegiant Air announced significant scheduled service from St. Petersburg–Clearwater to destinations in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Since then, Allegiant has grown its destination count to and from PIE to 21 airports across the eastern U.S. In February, the Lansing, Michigan service shifted to Grand Rapids, Michigan, with four weekly flights. Also, the airport recently completed a US$22 million renovation, including, among other things, expanding the gate sizes, new plumbing, and building loading bridges, as the current system requires all passengers to walk across the tarmac to the gate. These improvement played a significant roll in the airport luring passenger flights to and from the airport. (Wiki) KPIE AIRNAV info SkyVector info GALLERY Aknowledgments: Marc Leydecker, Cami De Bellis, 3D_people_library (DKM), Einstein (RE_Lib), R2_library, Helgo (Madagascar Trees), Kone Oneida (MowMyX-Plane), Autogate (Marginal) USAF vehicles (Austin)
  6. Version v1.0


    Refueling air base in Florida (282MB) Made for extreme rez, not tested with Global Airports. GALLERY MOVIE
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