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  1. Post updated with file. The distance is not an issue as the FP had not been followed. Corrected with a DCT and the distance is correct but the EFOB at destination is still showing -1.8
  2. Another data directory contents zipped up. Flight EDDF to OMDB FL 370 Init Fuel 43451kgs (Fuel tool calculated 32,213) ZFW 161.1 CI 20 Cruise Speed Mach 0.807 From start of flight to collecting the data the EFOB at destination is -1.8 Simbrief calculates the distance as - GND DIST 2778 AIR DIST 2718 G/C DIST 2615 MCDU showing DIST = 3431 at present Ray Now with files Data.zip
  3. Zipped up the files from Data for a flight EDDF to DNMM. EFOB at destination varying between -0.6 to -0.1 both up and down. Hope this helps. Ray Data.zip
  4. Hi Encountered an error whilst validating plans that is best shown by the two images attached. Tested with short UK based plan as well and the error still occurs. System: Windows 10 64 bit PFPX version 2.03 Subscription valid to 21st May 2020 Regards Ray
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