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  1. Ray Smith

    Excessive Fuel use

    Post updated with file. The distance is not an issue as the FP had not been followed. Corrected with a DCT and the distance is correct but the EFOB at destination is still showing -1.8
  2. Ray Smith

    Excessive Fuel use

    Another data directory contents zipped up. Flight EDDF to OMDB FL 370 Init Fuel 43451kgs (Fuel tool calculated 32,213) ZFW 161.1 CI 20 Cruise Speed Mach 0.807 From start of flight to collecting the data the EFOB at destination is -1.8 Simbrief calculates the distance as - GND DIST 2778 AIR DIST 2718 G/C DIST 2615 MCDU showing DIST = 3431 at present Ray Now with files Data.zip
  3. Ray Smith

    Excessive Fuel use

    Zipped up the files from Data for a flight EDDF to DNMM. EFOB at destination varying between -0.6 to -0.1 both up and down. Hope this helps. Ray Data.zip
  4. Hi Encountered an error whilst validating plans that is best shown by the two images attached. Tested with short UK based plan as well and the error still occurs. System: Windows 10 64 bit PFPX version 2.03 Subscription valid to 21st May 2020 Regards Ray
  5. Hi Hans I use Little Map as well as PFPX. I have since found that Little Map "Save As" FLP which does work properly and its free! Regards Ray
  6. Hi Did a test by completing a plan in the CRJ without SID, STAR, transition and without a departing runway or arriving runway. As would be expected to see in a "standard" company route. Saved it from the sim OK without warning but it would not load. I did a test where the departing runway was defined plus all the legs but not SID, STAR, Transition or arrival runway defined. I put a direct to the first waypoint and a direct from my last waypoint to the destination AD, This saved and loaded OK. This is as close to that "standard" company route that I could get as the CRJ had to have a departing runway defined. The plain text of the route ended up as EDDF DCT TOBAK N858 SWALM T201 TAMEB T278 RUDAK DCT EDDT Of course, all of this only works because I planned the flights inside the CRJ rather than an external flight planner like PFPX. As the CRJ uses coordinates for its directs I suspect that PFPX and similar programs will struggle with creating an acceptable flight plan like this. So my question is, are there any flightplan programs that can create a valid "company route" type flight plan for the CRJ. Regards Ray
  7. Hi Hans This is a CRJ flightplan produced by PFPX. As it is a company route they are normally saved without SID, STARS or transitions as any of those could be changed at any time before the flight and also during the flight. Are you saying that it's mandatory to have SIDS, STARS and transitions to enable a flightplan to be loaded? Ray
  8. Yes. that's the correct route and the plan produced by PFPX. It doesn't contain the performance items as, strictly speaking, the flight plan should only contain the actual route with no SID or STAR. The format follows that described in the documentation. I've also chosen not to load performance data from the flight plan fie as in the documentation - "The PerfData section will only be used if “Load PERF INIT Data with Flightplan” is enabled on the Options page in CRJ Manager. Otherwise it will be ignored when the route is loaded." This is more realistic. The route is valid and the CDU states that it is loaded, but other than the departure and destination, it does not load as I believe it should. Ray System: Windows 10 Pro CRJ version P3D V4.3
  9. Hi Created route/flightplan with PFPX and exported to CRJ using their export function. Loaded the route/flightplan and EXEC The CDU did display the message Flighplan Loaded but no legs appear. The flightplan content is - [CoRte] ArptDep=EDDF ArptArr=EDDT RwyDep=EDDF25C RwyArr=EDDT26R Airway1=N858 Airway1FROM=TOBAK Airway1TO=SWALM Airway2=T201 Airway2FROM=SWALM Airway2TO=TAMEB Airway3=T278 Airway3FROM=TAMEB Airway3TO=RUDAK Ray
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