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    AFCAD with all traffic filenames to download for the initial Mega Airport Brussels V2. ==Includes== - Flightplans.txt: a full list of all airlines serving EBBR as of 05.09.2014. - AFCAD.bgl: AFCAD file for EBBR for the Mega Airport Brussels V2 plus assigned parking spots to their respective airlines (if applicable) as of 05.06.2014. - Airlines @ BRU.xlsx: A full list of all airlines serving EBBR including their real ICAO codes and their Microsoft Flight Simulator codes (to make for example the difference between main line and their cargo line) as of 17.08.2014. ==Installation== To get the whole EBBR experience: - Install all flightplans (either the ones from the Flightplans.txt or even newer ones). - Check that the atc_parking_code in the aircraft.cfg matches the entries from Airlines @ BRU.xlsx. - Copy the AFCAD.bgl to your preferred scenery folder and activate it if necessary in the scenery database. ==Notices== - this AFCAD shows the status as of 05.06.2014, so remember that there might be changes now. - tried my best to do it, but sometimes Flight Simulator has some limitations (for example for the parking spots and their position to each other).
  2. So for all the people who want to be ready when the scenery is ready please find here a list with all available AI flightplans for EBBR. Simply download them and install them either via TTools or AIFP. For any suggestions and reports about this list I am really grateful! If you know any AI flightplan for the missing airlines please tell me so that I can correct the list. Please note that I may have used an older flightplan than available but on some newer flightplans the destination EBBR is missing.
  3. @jenstt: The AFCAD do already have the airline codes (if this are these AFD codes). If you want to see it check post #217 & post # 219 in this topic. I hope I did everything right. First time for GSX on my side
  4. About the first point I am currently working on, but I have a big problem: I cannot find any informations on configuring an airport/AFCAD/... so that it matches GSX conditions and that GSX can be used out-of-the-box. I wrote virtuali a message but until now I did not got any answer on this. Anybody here knows the answer or can point me to the correct place? This would be amazing.
  5. Robin1994 amazing! For that information I sent you 1000 kisses. that was something I searched on Google like an idiot. If anybody is interested: Here the updated parking positions. I know there are some weirdness like ETD on non-schengen but the problem is that on Pier B is not really much space for those big airplanes so I needed to make it as best as possible If there are any suggestions, feel free to share so that we all get the best result of BRU. About BRU itself: I have to say that Darren did a really big job. I simply love BRU and my frame rates on my (rather little) PC are better than on other big airports. I did never imagined that flying in'n'out BRU, but honestly getting to your Sabena MD-11 and flying to VHHX is really great. Enough now of teasing. Time to go to bed
  6. First of all thank you Augustin Dubois for your reply, but where is this apron 5? On my EuroControl charts I cannot find them. Or did you maybe mean apron 51 and just missed the "1"? Does DHL only use apron 51 or also apron 54? For all those of you interested on the correct parking position assignement, please find here on Dropbox the list of the parking assignements as they are currently. If you have any suggestion and/or correction on this, feel free to share your knowledge so that the parking positions are (more or less) correct for release. As far as I am correct these are the current airlines flying to/from Brussels as of September/October 2014 since you will find for example Emirates listed, but they will only start flying to BRU as of 5th September 2014. (If anyone here should suspect a release date on that information, I have to disappoint you as it is really NOT the case.) Thanks again for all your help!
  7. Thank you Robin1994 for your informations! If anybody has anything additional feel free to post it here or write me a PM
  8. Hi guys! Anybody here has any information(s) about where does which airline park? For the cargo area I got this information due to Google, but for the whole passenger area there is a lot missing. I just have a list of the parking positions, which airline do visit Brussels and that Pier A (=Schengen flights) and Pier B (=non-Schengen flights) are mostly used by airplanes. What about Pier C? And the whole parking area next to it? Are parking positions 512, 514, 516, 518, 520 really the DHL Cargo area (so they are only used by DHL Aviation or also by any other cargo airline?). Lots of questions and I hope that at least a few can help me on this. Any information (and if it is also as little) is really really welcome
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