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    Modified files for KORD to add 10C/28C What it has: -Runway 10C/28C Added -ILS approach fixes for those approaches What it doesn't have: -Any changes to application default SIDS/STARS Bugs: -Not related to my mod, but aircraft taking off on 22L will crash into aircraft sitting in 'position and hold' on 28R - to fix this, I need to move the 28R threshold a little to the west, but haven't done that. Files: From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the KORD.txt file From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the airports.txt file If you haven't added anything else, you can just replace these files (mine are modified from what installed with 1.1.07) If you have made other modifications, then you should only replace the KORD entry in the airports.txt file.
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