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  1. Thank you for looking into it more, it would have been nice the first time around than "live with it"
  2. An answer like that would have been infinitely more useful than "Sorry, you have to live with them or the displays will overheat ;-)" I tried to ask for help, submitted videos showcasing the problem quite clearly and was told, no you don't know what you're talking about. The fact I was getting it on my end and simply asking for help, or if it was normal, and just met with "live with it" isn't support at all. Obviously something is wrong with the way it's functioning and I'm glad a non-support staff member took the time to listen to what was happening and offer a solution.
  3. Nevermind, TSS support helped me. Thanks anyway.
  4. It was solved, but only after an official support staff member ridiculed me and wouldn't accept that something was wrong. Another user pointed out it was a P3D default fuel pump sound, which somehow was connected to the BAT MASTER but regardless it was fixed by a random helpful user.
  5. TSS-4B does the same thing, maybe even worse. Attached the file, if it was my hardware you wouldn't hear it, but again, I hear this on W10, OSX and iOS devices. These 2 files just don't loop well. TSS-4B.wav
  6. I understand that, but it's not isolated to one system. The data is there, rather than blow me off, it would be worth looking into because the sound file simply doesn't loop properly. If others have reported this, maybe, just maybe, there's a chance it isn't correct. I wouldn't post without doing my due diligence to test this out on a MAC and a Windows computer with audio editing software to check if it was my computer or not, but I get the same flawed loop when playing that file back to back.
  7. My mistake, the CFM sound is still doing it. I did quite a bit of testing to figure out what power range it does it at and looped the audio files in software to narrow it down to TSS-4A (And probably 4B by extension) sound file does not loop seamlessly. I included a clip of what happens when the file starts to play again immediately after it's done. It is not smooth and as this audio file plays at at increasing rate as power is introduced, I think this might be the cause, or at least, worth looking into. If you don't believe me, just open your own software and copy and paste TSS-4A so it plays a few times back to back, you should hear it. I played this on 2 different computers, iphone, and ipad, to rule out the possibility of it being hardware related from what you said earlier. The sound file just simply doesn't loop well. TSS-4A Repeat.wav
  8. Is there a fix for this? I also appreciate the condescension when I tried to ask for help, as if I didn't know any better.
  9. Renaming fuel_pump to something else did get rid of it, but why would that be playing constantly in the CRJ? You cannot hear boost pumps from the flight deck, they would always be on anyway.
  10. They make the sound play on or off and secondly in the CRJ you have them on all the time.
  11. To be clear to the developer this is what I'm talking about. 2018-08-03 12.21.27.mov
  12. Can you tell me what files it's using for that? The AvioFan in the \Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Sounds folder sounds nothing like what's in my video, that's a nice low fan hum sound.
  13. Can you be more specific please? I'm trying to track them down to remove them. I fly this airplane for a living and the avionics fans do not sound like a lawn mower. The Avio file sound doesn't even sound like what's in my videos.
  14. What is the audio file for this? The AvioFan file doesn't sound like this.
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