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  1. I have an iPad Air (iOS 12.4.5) and the kneeboard / favorite function does not work. I get the lens only but no context menu when long pressing the item. So how do you get the context menu instead of the lens? Or will this App only work with devices running iOS 13? It appears that the kneeboard does not work on iOS 12 devices. Cheers, Chris
  2. It is really a nightmare. I have used NDP charts for a long time exclusively on my iPad together with the iOS App. The iOS App does no longer work and the web client using a web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome) does not allow to send selected charts to the kneeboard on the iPad (no right click possible on the tablet). So all users that use an iOS tablet in their cockpit have no other choice but to wait for a fix or to switch to Navigraph or the free Chartfox. I also prefer the LIDO charts, but flying online (VATSIM; IVAO) without up-to-date charts is no option. I really really hope that Aerosoft put their man-power together to make NDP Charts an enjoyable product on iOS devices again. Cheers, Chris
  3. Chris...thank you very much!

    After months of unbearable anger about stutters (up to 4 sec.) within CHPROX I found accidentally your suggestions re BGLs...and Halleluja...it worked out perfect. No stutters anymore!

    Thanks again!

    Best Regards


    1. Cargostorm


      Hi Johann,


      I am glad that you solved your problems. The forums are really great to solve problems. I never had a problem that remained unsolved. Sometimes it takes just time to find the right solution.


      All the best for your in 2020 and happy simming!




  4. I have installed PFPX 2.03 side by side to the previous version 1.28 but in a different location. Is it now save to deinstall v1.28 via the Windows deinstaller without worrying about deleting any profiles? More specifially, will a deinstall of v1.28 touch any files under "PFPX Data" (the place where the profiles sit), which are also used by v2.03? I will backup the folder, but it would be good to know if anything else is touched required for v2.03. Cheers, Chris
  5. Looks amazing. What addons do you use? Is this with ORBX EU Germany North?
  6. Respect! In view of the many thousands hours of work and the huge invest for development, the pricing is extremely fair for such a complex aircraft. Especially for those customers that own one of the previous busses, it should be a no-brainer.
  7. Hi,


    gute Arbeit, und das seit so vielen Jahren WIP...


    Wo kann man den Flughafen herunterladen? Würde ihn gerne testen, da EDSB meine Home Base ist.


    Viele Grüße


  8. Same here: No issues with SODE 1.3.4. But as Cargo flyer I rarely use Jetways - so lucky me...
  9. I think you have the right attitude to deal with the situation, Gianni. Do something because you like it, and the outcome will be positive. I am holding back to buy LOWI until your scenery is released, especially because your's will be adapted to Flugwerk's Austria HD West.
  10. The upcoming ORBX scenery looks just amazing. I wonder why they do not present pictures from the main appron.
  11. It must be indeed sad for Gianni given the time he has already invested. But the same also happens in other bussiness. Just think of research, which takes years, and suddenly a competitor research group publishes the same project in a high ranking journal earlier... But competition can also help to further improve things, such as the details you mentioned. As customers we will be in the comfortable situation which scenery suits best for ones own needs.
  12. Indeed if a AFCAD is missing, neither AI traffic nor GSX will work. I think something is wrong with your installation. Could well be that you have an other LOWI AFCAD file somewhere (e.g. of the previous airport or simmershome patch etc.).
  13. Aircraft traffic is no criterium for the evaluation of a scenery. The 2010 version of LOWI (Approaching Innsbruck) also does not have static aircrafts. If you want aircraft traffic you must use a traffic program as with every airport scenery.
  14. No. Justsim is an independent developer, so is the scenery. Now that an other developer just brougth out a good-looking scenery for Innsbruck, what good reasons do we have to wait for Aerosoft's / Gianni's remake of Innsbruck (despite being a loyal customer or hoping for an upgrade price if one owns the 2010er version)? The feature list and textures look great so far. If one would know Aerosoft's timeline for the release of the remake of Innsbruck, we could possibly wait...
  15. From the airports you mentioned, I can only identify Rome that uses SODE. It supports recent v1.3.2. No need to disable SODE alltogether. Even old v1.2 airports can be used with the current SODE version, then though without jetway functionality. And you would need to copy files. Not for everbody. But I think that most airports have been updated by now to v1.3.
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