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  1. Hi, which sim do you use? It would be helpful if you would post your Windows Event Logfile. Greetings, Nicolas
  2. Hello Aerosoft Forum, since some time now i'm having big framerate issues in FSX-SE, which i was not able to fix , even though i did many hours of research. First thing was, i had around 0.5 FPS with the Aerosoft A320 family on a default airport(i usually have between 20-30 fps), after some tries to fix that problem (clear shader cache, change between DX9/DX10, deleting fsx.cfg and dll.xml) i came to the conclusion, the best option would be a fresh reinstall of FSX, which i did with the help of the DTG Manual. After one hour of installation, i tried again to start the same scenario without any fsx.cfg tweaks (i kept my old FSX-intern settings) and came out with the same result, which is absurd low fps, event with default scenery and default aircraft. I'm really out of ideas now, any help would be appreciated. Greetings, Nicolas My Specs: i5-6300HQ 2,3 - 3,2GHz GeForce GTX950M 2GB 8GB DDR4 RAM Sim Operated on a 500GB SSD (Samsung EVO 850)
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