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  1. Hi I'm newbee in the forum but always satisfied with aerosoft products

    please excuse me if I am not in the right place but i have difficulties with Airbus A320/321 Aerosoft and Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant 1&2 and I don't know where to post my problem

    can you help me 

    Thanks in advance


  2. Masterhawk

    i'm sorry if i didn't say anything after your answer on my question about TCA Thrustmaster 

    perhaps was I in a wrong place 

    I have to say i was very disapointed by my purchase of this pack Thrustmaster and that I Cannot use it with my favorite airbuses Aerosoft 

    now i purchased also FSUIPC and to tell you the truth, I do not succeed in configuration of throttle axis and value in FSUIPC

    My best succes was only correct IDLE and Reverse but there was no acceleration thrust. Nothing moves in the ECAM and no detent

    I Have never used LUA scripts and I'm not expert with FSUIPC so if you or someone in the team can explain the correct method and give the right values

    I think it will be very usefull to a lot of peoples

    My software conf W10 FSX SE Airbus A320/321 (i guess version 131 ?)

    Thanks in advance and happy end of the year

  3. Hi Bluebird49 Sorry I don't have the answer but the same problem I'm using aerosoft airbus A320/321 extended (under FSX SE) they are so wonderfull I have just bought FSUIPC to try to assign throttle to TCA Quadrant but with no success So answer to your question will be certainly usefull for me thanks in advance and happy end of the year Guy
  4. Sorry for the wrong place of posting and thanks for your answer i think i have made a mistake my version of Aerosoft AIRBUS 320-321 is a 2019 one (perhaps it is not extended one !) does it change something ? Thanks
  5. Hi I'm using A320-321 extended with full satisfaction under FSX SE I have just received my Thrustmaster TCA Airbus pack (Throttle + Joystick) and I have some difficulties After installing the driver, the TCA pack is recognized by FSX and I can change affectations but for the Throttle part, both engine axis, switch for ignition, and engine start stick, are not usable in the cockpit of Aerosoft A320-321. Sorry for my poor english I saw somewhere that Aerosoft.AirbusX.A320_21.Configurator.exe have a version where you can chose to activate TCA pack. I don't know the number of the version i have installed (December 2019) and i don't know where to download an updated version of this file Can you help me ? Many thanks in advance for your advisory
  6. Moperle i'have reinstalled A320/321 extended from scratch and the MCDU2 give normal max information and accept the loadsheet unfortunately i can't find what has caused this malfunction thanks for your answer if somebody knows how to match aerosoft models with VPILOT rules, i'm interrested thanks in advance for your attention
  7. Thanks for your answer i'm going to follow this way After reflexion, perhaps it is also after some modification I have done into aircraft.cfg to get airbuses be recognized by Vpilot if somebody have an idea of the good practice ? Also when reinstalling how to keep my existing co-routes ? Thanks in advance Guy
  8. Bonjour j'ai toujours été satisfait des produits aerosoft que j'ai achetés j'utilise airbus aerosoft extended A320/321 sur FSX SE Windows10 j'ai volé à plusieurs reprises sans probleme et utilisé le fuelplanner pour generer les loadsheet sans probleme peut etre après une session de vol en cockpit partagé mais je ne suis pas sur depuis 3 jours init loadsheet ne charge pas et devient rouge - j'ai constaté le max pax max cargo et max fuel sont a "0" voir photo pouvez vous m'aider à retrouver la situation normale ? Hello I have always been satisfied with the aerosoft products I have purchased I use airbus aerosoft extended A320 / 321 on FSX SE Windows10 I flew several times without problem and used the fuelplanner to generate the loadsheet without problem perhaps it is after a sharedcockpit session but i'm not shure for 3 days init loadsheet does not load and turns red - I noticed the max pax max cargo and max fuel are at "0" see photo can you help me get back to normal?
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