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  1. It's not working. I need help setting this up. All the files that came with the plane I have. I click install liveries, go's to my documents. Do I install from a zip?. I usualy open the zip file and put the text file in. Either way I have no result's.
  2. Thanks. I couldn't get the A320or the A321 to show a image. The ones the had the wng lets I like so much. They down loaded, show the image in the livery manager. Shows in my airplane list. When I click on it, to open it,I just get a dark screen. what I do is drag the Zip file into the manager, The plane shows up, and I click install. A lot of the the paint files didn't have the feature. I'd really like to find Usair and Swiss air. Ijust bought Areosofts, A320/A321, wow, what a nice plane for the money. Thanks Stan
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