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  1. Presumably Global Flight Operations will have to maintain aircraft fleets for us to fly. PFPX already has the ability for its users to set up fleets of aircraft for planning flights.

    Will there be an interface to ensure that the separate fleets are kept in synch so that we can check out an aircraft and then create its flight plan without having to try to keep manually maintained records ?

  2. I have installed AS-Mega-Airport-Frankfurt-20_PROF_P3DV5_V2001.zip within P3Dv5. I purchased it from SimMarket.

    After installation I have Mega Airport Frankfurt 20 in the D:\Program Files (x86)>Aerosoft folder. P3Dv5 displays the scenery correctly but without SODE functionality.

    Placing the SODE folder is my problem.

    I have no folder for Frankfurt in my C:\Users\speed\Documents\Aerosoft.

    Can you be more explicit about placing the SODE folder please?

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    After failing to understand the SODE installation instructions in the Readme.txt file, your instructions above have confused me even more 😧

    During installation, like Michael, I installed into my D drive. I  now have  Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional V5 in the Program Files (x86)\aerosoft directory.

    I have not installed any of my many airport sceneries into my C drive. Why are Aerosoft setting a standard which I am reluctant to follow?

    I cannot find an EDDFConfigTool anywhere on my PC.

    Can you explain, in simple terms, how I can install the SODE program on my D drive?

    Thanks, Richard


  4. With the forthcoming release of the new FSX, there is likely to be a requirement for alterations to PFPX.

    As a long time dependent on PFPX for its advanced capabilities, I am anxious that it continues to be a major player in my long-haul simming experiences.

    Are there any indications that I may continue to be supported by the product in the 'new world'? 

  5. I use the Update option in Navigraph to update the PFPX data.

    I now have the many files, including the cycle_info.txt (containing entry for cycle 1906), in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\NavData, yet PFPX still gives the database as 1607. I cannot find a way to 'steer' where it is to get its navdata data from. I cannot find any other instance of a cycle_info.txt file.

    I am happy for you to use a TeamViewer session if that would help.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    Yes, the Q400.per is in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes and renamed, as suggested by Mykyta, without the v1.00 part.

    In the Aircraft List window I then Add a New Aircraft (not New fromTemplate) but the dropdown does not list the Q400.

    But since raising this issue I realise that there is already a Bombardier Dash8-Q400 present in PFPX v2.03 as released (shown in your picture).

    So my query remains unresolved but at least I can plan a Q400 flight.

    Many thanks,

    A Happy New Year,

    Regards, Richard

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