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    Inside a realtime graphics application the positions of objects are updated frame by frame. So for the ultimate "smooth" behaviour a perfectly stable framerate would be needed. When we get different framerates in certain spans of time, that means that the change of a position or rotation (here with our engine fans) will include jumps to keep the object to the correct values the engine delivers. Imagine you get 60 frames a second, that will deliver 60 values for the engine fan. That determines also the delta (difference) of the angles. If you get less frames, the delta angles will be larger to keep the object correctly update. Simple math. As the FPS differs over time, also different delta of angles are shown, which are recognized by the human brain as "stutters". So seeing where the issue roots, you will understand that we cannot do something there. Obviously visible this is mostly at high speed stuff and is also seen inside regular game engines. FSX and Prepar3D are not exclusive in that manner.
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    When you took that image, did you also notice it looks very different compared to the image? That's because your eyes detect the motion and the image tries to freeze the motion. I do not consider our A320 series engines sad, but FS has it's limitations and the animation engine is one of the worst parts. I doubt it can be done better. I checked some other models of competitors and I see roughly the same.
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    When your engine fails in a twin, how do you maximize your performance? First, you need to pitch for VYSE. But second, you need to minimize your drag. Here's how you do it: Thanks to UND Aerospace for sponsoring this story. Without them, it woulnd't have been possible. Learn more about UND Aerospace here: http://fly.und.edu/?source=bold Music by Taylor Galford: http://taylorgalford.bandcamp.com/ (Source: Boldmethod)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the Thomas Cook Avion Express Livery for 2016 Summer based at Newcastle Airport.
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    So I assume the next project is developing a new animation engine for FSX.
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    Until the cockpit is done there is not a lot to be reported about the exteriour as that is on hold in favor of giving us a cockpit to test the systems in.
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    I have a question about the animated fanblades during the flight. The A318-21 buses have, and that is my opinion, quiet strange looking fanblades during flight. They gray "area" is wiggeling and flackers a bit. It would be nice if you could improve this detail in the 330 Project, it would be sad if your brilliant looking 330 d have the same "wiggle"-engines. In the second picture (wich i ve made) is the fan almost transparent because of the higt rotation. Is it technically possible to add this at the 330? or something similar? Greetings
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    It seems that it never mind how many time you will write WIP /simple render NOT from the sim or with any other kind of effect/from the work-desk etc, still someone will not get it. I will clarify- all the images on the last posts are totally WIP and from inside Blender. It's mean no any kind of manipulation has implement here. Just to explain it better- when we export it from the 3d software to the simulators (p3d of fsx), the graphic engine of each platform make "internal" render for the models according to it's parameters and the user settings, and this is totally not the case here. think about it as a quick view to my desktop At the bottom line- my conclusion is to publish images only of final things and from inside the simulators only.
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    What kind of news do you expect just two workdays after the last news was posted?
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    In RL they use Time constraint only when entering and the rest goes by mag speed. in the nat clearence you need to specify your speed.
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    Well i've never used the utc constraint during a transatlantic flight we use the mac speed technique, basically is that while flying over the atlantic we set a mac speed constraint in order to maintain the estimates accurate as possible and if there's a change on the estimate of more than 3 minutes we have to contact the corresponding control and gave them a revised estimate, bear in mind that using FANS-1A(ADS-C/CPDLC ) the regulations change a little depending on the control area. Best regards.
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    Hi! Can you please repaint this Adria Airways A319 S5-AAX? https://www.planespotters.net/photo/688083/s5-aax-adria-airways-airbus-a319-111 Thanks
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    Version 1.0.0


    New high quality repaint of the Czech Airlines A319 CFM OK-NEN. The rest of the Czech Airlines fleet can be found also on this forum.
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    I am the only one who thinks that the previous version was looking better ?
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