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Carenado FA50 EX - Yoke 1.0.0

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Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control Template

Carenado FA50 EX v1.1


Import and activate via the Honeycomb Configurator v2.0.0.1


I've had the best success with templates by starting X-Plane 11 and immediately reloading the bindings for all Honeycomb devices via the X-Plane 11 menu (e.g. Plugins > Honeycomb > AFC_Yoke > Reload Bindings).


Honeycomb Config Tool tutorials:



Obvious note: The blue cells (XP 11) are my own X-Plane 11 bindings.  The dark gray cells are Honeycomb configurator bindings.


  • The ZIP file contains 2x different .json profiles - one for the XP11 FMS and another for the Reality XP GTN 750.
    • The only difference is the magneto 'BOTH' switch.  The magneto dial toggles between nav sources; 'BOTH' is for GPS nav source (stock FMS or GTN 750).
  • The reason there are 2x NAV1 selections on the starter switch is to quickly switch from GPS to NAV1 when performing an instrument landing/procedure.
    • The right-most NAV1 ('START' position) has a closer zoom level than the first NAV1 since it is for landing.



TL;DR Basic Startup
(give a solid 1-second count between each switch)

ALT.....................ON (GENs)
BAT.....................ON (BATs 1 and 2, bleeds, misc switches)
BUS2....................ON (APU START, wait a few moments)
BUS1....................ON (AVIONICS, Anti-Skid, Hyd Stby Pump, IRS)
ENG START...............2,3,1
BRAVO SWITCH 6..........ON (Pitot heat and Air Start switches)



General Notes

  • There is fragmented information available regarding a comprehensive and accurate accounting of real world normal procedures specifically for the updated EX version of the FA50
  • Carenado docs, Google/YouTube, and information/checklists from this thread as well as from a FA50 EX Bug List Forum were referenced
  • Sometimes switches can be flaky, especially when rapidly or simultaneously activating 2x or more (e.g. X-FEEDs, certain light switches)
  • I am considering making the ALT switch an up/down toggle switch for the 3x Air Start switches.  The air start switches are 'switched' during flight; the generators are not, so it's a good candidate for a switch.
  • NAV light will go to NAV-LOGO if it's dark outside
  • Beacon (RED anticol) needs to be on before the strobe switch (ALL anticol) will respond
  • Avionics BUS1 turns on only the LH AV MASTER switch, not both LH and RH
    • Can't get both to turn ON/OFF with the single switch using the Honeycomb Configurator (XP doesn't play well with truly simultaneous commands/manipulators?)
    • Only 1 AV MASTER is necessary.  If both are on and one is turned off, all avionics get turned off.
  • Some (not all) of the Thranda switch UP/DN Commands behave as toggle switches no matter how the switch is oriented.
    • EG: Issuing a DN command when the switch is already down will move the switch UP (thranda/switches/SwitchDn26)
    • Leveraging the thranda/Switch and thranda/SwitchMonitor dataref arrays for conditional logic proved unsuccessful
    • Editing the values of 'ScrollFriendly' within the 'manifest.json' file proved to be ineffective and problematic (suggested by this forum)
  • The left/white yoke button straightens/aligns the labeled MCP/center console knob faces back to a readable 12 o'clock position (but does not actually affect values or turn the physical manipulator/knob)
    • I have this button assigned in XP11 as well (in addition to the Configurator binding) to 'Saved Camera #8'
    • This goes to my main pilot view and simultaneously presents (right-side up) readable knobs
  • The macro-heavy switches are intended to perform the majority of checklist items, simplifying the startup procedure
    • Some system elements don't appear to function or contribute (hydraulics, bleed isolation knob, etc)
    • Some of the smaller items have been intentionally omitted from the macro-heavy buttons, such as the resetting of the fuel-used counter, RH Avionics Master, etc


    Gens 1,2,3

    Batteries 1 and 2
    Pilot arm rest (up)
    Computers 1,2,3 (AUTO)
    Emergency Lights (ARM)
    Bleeds (all x7) (AUTO)
    Air Start switches 1-3 (GRD START)
    Overhead, pilot and co-pilot, MCP/shield/instrument lights (turned on)
    No Smoking sign (ON)
    IRS (to 'ALIGN')
    Windshield Heat (NORM)
    Annunciator Light Test switch (press 1x)
    Isolation Valve (to horizontal)

    IRS (to 'NAV')
    Anti-Skid (ON)
    Hyrdraulic Standby Pump (AUTO)

    APU start/stop

    *APU start sets the problematic and buggy dataref sim/cockpit2/bleedair/actuators/apu_bleed to 1.  This will allow you to start the engines again after the first shutdown.

FA50 EX Alpha Bindings.jpg

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