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AeroSoft/Dehavilland Twin Otter Seair Pacific

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About This File

De Havilland Canadian Twin Otter - "Seair Pacific"

textures for Aerosoft FSX payware model

Author: Thierry Lustremant (thierry@titus59.info) 21/08/2008


1) Extract all the files to a temperary folder

2) Copy there folder "texture.VH-TZR" into FSX directory "SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Twin Otter 300

3) Open file "aircraft.cfg" which is in directory "Aerosoft Twin Otter 300"

4) Paste there following text on place above section [General]


title=de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter Seair Pacific










atc_airline=Seair Pacific

ui_manufacturer="de Havilland Canada"


ui_variation="Seair Pacific"

ui_typerole="Twin Engine TurboProp"


description= Aircraft first registered in Australia: 18 September 1989. Model: DHC-6 SERIES 200. Serial number: 145. Based at Coolangatta on Queensland's Gold Coast. Seair's Great Barrier Reef Daytrip is the only one of its type in Australia. This tour also departs from Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast.

5) Replace the X in [fltsim.X] with the next available number in the aircraft.cfg file i.e if the last entry is 6 change the X to 7

This is my second repaint, so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

I've tried to reskin the interior of the plane a little bit too. Hope you'll like it !


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