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KFYJ Interactive Animated HD Photo-realistic airport 1.0

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About This File

On behalf of Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345, Aerosoft is pleased to offer you KFYJ Interactive Animated HD Photo-realistic airport.

To create the picturesque KFYJ (a.k.a. West Point) It took me over 1400 hours to build this photo-realistic HD airport ... so please VOTE.

Where is KFYJ located?

KFYJ is located in-between Washington DC and Norfolk Virginia

Alfa Farms = 16 miles

KRIC = 30 miles

KPHF = 31 miles

Langley AFB = 37 miles

KORF = 53 miles

KIAD = 92 miles

KDCA = 105 miles

All objects, including vehicles, static aircraft, buildings, vegetation, animations, etc. were made in Sketchup and based on pictures I took


- Interactive animated “static” GA's (hint: position yourself in front of the Orange C170 and open your doors/canopy or move your controls)

- Interactive animated schoolbus (hint: put your handbrake on and the bus will “unload” students

- Animated skydivers based on real data and parameters

- Animated work zone (working bulldozers, dump-t rucks, rollers, bobcats, etc)

- Animated equipment: generators, forklifts

- Animated airport vehicles

- Animated people

- Animated Goodyear “blimp”

- Animated Medivac Helicopter

- Animated river barges

- Animated tugboats

- Animated papermill factory

- HD Photo-realistic Every building was accurately crafted using photo-textures

- HD Photo-realistic Cars, buses and t rucks in perfect scale with photo-textures

- HD Photo-realistic Airport equipment based on pictures

- HD custom made building lighting

- HD custom made lightposts, telephone and power poles

- Custom grasses, weeds, t rees, flowerbeds, bushes and forests

- Custom pavement textures based on photographs

- Super detailed nearby horse farm (Alfa Farms)

Please EXPLORE, there is a scene and surprise around every corner.

Important notes:

Special thanks to the KFYJ staff for let ting me take thousands of pictures.

Special thanks to "Alcala" for let ting me modify his gorgeous C170!

The few objects which I borrowed with permission from other developers: (file names are marked as such)

- My moving flags are based on the great work of Mr 3D

- Man walking and Manwalking2 are 2 free samples of LP3D

- LP3D_Audi free sample of LP3D

- Belga_AXYZ_ManStepLadder is a heavily modified free sample of AXYZ

- Mandun's MIL was used as a base to create my own version

- The ortho photos are modified and tweaked downloads from USGC (the USGC orthos were taken in the winter and were overlayed with areal photos taken by myself)

EULA (End User License Agreement)

This “freeware” scenery package in whole or in part is for Personal Non-Commercial Use ONLY.

The Software may not be used for direct or indirect commercial (includes non-profit, or revenuegenerating business) purposes without first obtaining writ ten permission of AUTHOR.

You may NOT upload Belga’s KPVG, whether or not modified, in whole or in part, to any file distribution system, reverse engineer, disassemble or de-compile any part of Belga12345’s KPVG for any purpose other than to implement improvements for your own personal use.

Your use of Belga12345’s KPVG is entirely at your own risk. The author does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage arising from its use no mat ter how caused. By downloading and installing this software, you are deemed to have agreed to the foregoing


Unzip in your /custom scenery folder. This airport requires the latest version of OpensceneryX. Make sure you have “runway follows terrain contours” disabled (needs restart!). MAC users might have to tweak Gamma set ting if scenery looks washed-out


Charts and airport info is located in the _Documentation folder



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