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PFPX Aircraft Performance File Gates Learjet 25

EngineType=GE CJ-610

An attempt to get some LJ25 figures into PFPX. Source data came from the Learjet 25 Operating Handbook which is freely available. Expect rw values for the ISA and ISA+15 climb (300kts, M0.70), the M0.77 cruise and the recommended VMO/MMO/250 descent. Holding data is available too.

Mind you, the handbook only offers cruise values up to FL470 since it's based on unmodified aircraft models. If your sim vehicle offers the modifications and the FL510 ceiling, go for it! (and get me the data)

Drop me a PM if you have any suggestions or constantly fall out of the sky because your fuel ran out. :)


Just copy this file to your C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes folder and start PFPX. You can now set up an aircraft profile using the template.


Nah, free for all

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