Enva runway and Taxiway elevation problem

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Good day.

I hope I post this topic in the right place. Forgive me if I did not. I am wrtting because I have this airport and the elevation of the taxiway is very high and no contact evenly with the rest of the airport. I will try to attach pictures. The settings have the airport in a high priority. I hope you can help. I also have the other two Norway airports installed. Oslo and Stavanger. I have an I7 pc 2.8ghz. * gb of ram and a 6850 1 gb video card. I have no Mesh programs added for FSX because i decided I spent enough money of fs9. I enjoy the default mesh and Textures as they are. Maybe when I build my super PC eight core 64gb ram machine!!! One day.

I hope you can give me advice on how to fix it. Update is installed.




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