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I currently have Mallorca X Evolution, Menorca X Evolution and Ibiza X Evolution purchased separately from the Aerosoft store and I am interested in upgrading to the Professional version of these products.


The total upgrade price for these three products separately is €25.64 (9.84+7.90+7.90). On the other hand, the upgrade of Balearic Islands Evolution, which is a bundle of the other three, to its professional version is only 18.65€.


Is there any possibility to upgrade all three products at the Balearic Islands Evolution price?


Thank you


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No, the upgrade offer is only available for owner of the "Balearic Islands X Evolution" bundle.

Bundles are always cheaper than buying the products independently. 


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Please keep in mind, that the Balearic Island Evolution Bundle was an offer for Users, who don't have buy any of the single Airports before, to get all together.

You bought the single airport after release (otherwise you had used the offer), so you had them long before the bundle was availabe. That was your benefit.


Now, we have done the updates the same time (because it is not a one year job for each of them) and it would not be fair to the customers of the Bundle to delay there change for the upgrade.

So everybody gets a upgrade path for the desition how to buy the previous product.

New customers now can buy the single airport he primary need or he can buy all of them with a discount and he maybe get an airport he not often use.


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